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Definition Tone Arm - 1. meter control lever...MORE
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1. meter control lever. (HCO PL 5 May 65) 2. the measure of accumulation of charge. (Class VIII No. 6) 3. registers density of mass (ridges, pictures, machines, circuits) in the mind of the preclear. This is actual mass, not imaginary, and can be weighed, measured by resistance etc. Therefore the tone arm registers state of case at any given time in processing. The tone arm also registers advance of case during processing by moving. (EME, p. 9) 4. the tone arm reads at 5000 ohms female and 12,500 ohms male for the body. It reads the body. When a person is Clear the E-meter ceases to read. That tells you why a dead thetan reads at 2 or 3. (SH Spec 1, 6105C07) 5. the instrument which measures the adequacy of restimulation. That shows you that an adequate amount of charge is being restimulated in the session, and that it is being adequately dispelled on the itsa line. This shows you that the cycle of what’s-it-itsa is in progress and the amount of restimulation is adequate to get auditing done. (SH Spec 295, 6308C15) Abbr. TA.