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Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch
Founder of Scientology's Celebrity Centre
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Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch was a major figure in the Church of Scientology, one of the most beloved people in Scientology, and the founder of Scientology's Celebrity Centres. She passed away at the young age of fifty, but along the way she touched so many lives.

  • To this day, Yvonne still resides in a special place in the hearts of those who knew her. This is a place where personal stories, from those who knew her, are presented.

  • During the ten years that she spent working out of Los Angeles, California, 1968 to 1977, she met and worked with many celebrities. Many, but surely not all, that she knew are listed on this page.

  • Yvonne was a minister of the Church of Scientology and as such performed many ministorial duties; such as marriages, christenings and ordinations. This page also lists some of those events.

  • Your stories about Yvonne are very much welcome. To have them added here, post your story in the discussion area and I will paste them on her page, or e-mail them to Howard Dickman at Thank you so much for visiting.

Personal Rememberances[edit | edit source]

Celebrities who knew Yvonne
Celebrity Centre International
Amanda Ambrose
Flo Barnett
Candice Bergen
Karen Black
Joe Boyd
Stephen Boyd
John Brodie
Chris Brubeck
Darius Brubeck
Dinah Christie
Stanley Clarke
Tony Cohan
Chick Corea
Cathy Lee Crosby
Peter Donen
Cass (Mama Cass) Elliot
Roger Ellis
Larry Evoy
Jamie Faunt
Mario Feninger
Anne Francis
Dick Glass
Larry Gluck
Wings Hauser
Allyn B "Hap" Hazard
Mike Heron
Rock Hudson
LaMont Johnson
Milton Katselas
Bob Kendall
Roy Kerswill
Richard Kiel
John King
Ernest Lehman
Helaine Lembeck
Michael Lembeck
Robb Levin
Geoffrey Lewis
Peggy Lipton
John Longenecker
Robert F. Lyons
Pat Maroshek
Licorice McKechnie
Mickey McMeel
Jim McMullan
Bob Moretti
Floyd Mutrix
Chuck O'Steen
Joan Prather
Lou Rawls
Albert Ribisi
Michael D. Roberts
Pat Robinson
Bert Salzman
Andrik Schapers
Beverly Sills
Don Simpson
Rose Simpson
Tom Solari
Jimmie Spheeris
Ingo Swann
Judy Norton Taylor
John Travolta
Manu Tupou
Tamara Wilcox
Robin Williamson
Jo De Winter
Shelly Winters
  • "I may have mentioned that one day upon her returning from one of her many PR trips throughout the USA etc, she would bring small personal gifts to the staff. She came over to me and gave me a metal figure of a man holding a shield with his spear pointed forward, and said "that's you darling". Indeed I was to remain that for her always. I felt most pain when Diana wanted to bring me to Flag to work with her (she was CS 6), while I worked for Yvonne. I HATED the idea of leaving her. I told her I was not going, and she worked her ways and said how important it was for me to go. This was in 76 when Diana came to CC for a tour prior to Prayer Day. She told me she would be coming to Flag to do PR training or some such, and that made it easier knowing she's be at Flag. I realized later on that it was her way of protecting ME - thus having me leave her in LA. What a terrible and confusing time." Pat Gualtieri, November 14, 2012
  • "I remember first meeting Yvonne on February 9, 1973, when she arrived as the headliner speaker for the grand opening of the Church of Scientology of San Diego. I was a poor U.S. sailor who had only been in Scientology about six months and was part time staff, working as a grader for the personality tests that we administered to new people. Yvonne walked through the front doors, passed though our small reception area and came right up to my desk as I was working. She introduced herself and we conversed, as if we had been lifelong friends, for several minutes. To this day, some forty years later, I have not met another person with so much charisma and caring; she was an extraordinary lady, one I will never ever forget. I dedicate my work on her biography, in her honor." Howard Dickman, April, 2013
  • "Yvonne was a charismatic person who drew out people’s hopes and dreams and loved them unconditionally. They all felt it and wanted to be in her orbit. People would fight to be near her. They would do things to be a part of her future. They would open missions, contact celebrities, create events etc, to be on her wave length." Anonymous, April, 2013
  • "Yvonne pulled out a sheaf of papers in a file. Probably 150 pages dog eared, falling all over. Just kind of stuffed into a manila folder. I asked her, what are those? She said "oh , just some things that Ron wrote to me." I told her I think we need to get those made in to some kind of issues. We did. Those are now the "advices." I think, as they say, my hat blew off. I think they were then sent to Flag and made in to " R Advices" which prior to that time, these "advices were not known. This would have been around 74. Another endearing quality about her....when she was just "put out" with someone, she would say "they need to see a psychiatrist." It was very funny." Anonymous, April, 2013
  • "Around 1975, Yvonne had her own list of people she kept in touch with weekly. She had her own stationary made, and her secretary, Ivy Johnson, would send out a personal note to Yvonne’s people weekly, and Yvonne would personally sign these notes. They would include a policy or a quote from a policy. She would put little personal notes in them too." Anonymous, April, 2013
  • "My very first Sea Org mission was done under Yvonne in 1975. We moved Celebrity Center into the La Brea location overnight!" Mark Plummer, May, 2013
  • "She was a very special woman. And I never met up with a mean bone in her body. She was a great example of care of people. Great things like -- the Gross Income was down,,, no money coming in. Instead of running around the Org screaming at people, she basically had everyone STOP their work and Clean their areas -- I saw this throughout the Data Files, and it always ended with an increase in GI." Nancy Many, April, 2013
  • "If anyone from that darkness deserves this (Remembrance page), it was her. Of course she had her faults and her blind sides, but she was such a Light in the Darkness of the desert that she should be remembered." Nancy Many, April, 2013
  • "Yvonne was a very special person, in the highest meaning of the word "special". A speaker at one of the conventions in LA was going on a bit on a subject of minimal interest to the group. He drew a breath and everyone applauded, and with good grace the speaker nodded and left the podium. Yvonne said "they cut him off..." She immediately went to stage front and ran some brief havingness on the crowd. A very enlightened sensitive lady indeed." Pat Krenik, April, 2013
  • "When Yvonne died, it was a shock to me. She was so young and vital. For some unknown reason I was concerned for her and was wondering how she (as a being) was doing now. About a month after her death I was sleeping and she came and talked to me. I slowly woke up; she was still talking. It was very clear, in her own voice with that delightful accent, and the communication was aimed at my stomach area. She was saying in those lovely tones for me not to worry, she was just fine. She repeated the concept several times in slightly different ways. No way was I imagining it or hallucinating it or dreaming it--I was wide awake and alert by the time the communication was ended." Pat Krenik, April, 2013
  • "My girlfriend and I were supposed to meet Yvonne and Heber at the Burbank airport, 4:30 Friday night. We check in, the airplane is boarding and yet no Yvonne. I asked the ticket lady to hold the plane as this VIP is on her way; she couldn’t wait any longer and said get on the plane or bye bye. Then Yvonne showed up, just in time and we get to Las Vegas. That night the four of us went to see Shirley MacLaine’s - One Woman Show. We had a fancy table up front, Shirley sent us a bottle of champagne and met us back stage after the show; we were treated well. I found out later, that Shirley’s PR person was a Scientologist and had set it up, Yvonne really enjoyed herself. The next day, after going to CC Las Vegas, the four of us went swimming in the hotel pool. I could see that Yvonne and Heber were both in love and were so happy. I don’t think they had that many moments like that in the Sea Org, I still have that imagine of Heber and Yvonne playing in the pool together." Roger Weller, April, 2013
  • "I am honored to say that I knew Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch, and that she was my friend. We were comrades staying a difficult course together, and kept in touch over the years until her death in early 1978. I miss her still." Hana Eltringham Whitfield, April, 2013
  • "Peter and Yvonne brought me into Scio - even though I never met them until the SHSBC in 1962. They built a massive field practice . . . . They were business professionals and tremendously loving - especially Yvonne!" Alan Walter, posted on the Ex Scientologist Message Board, February 20, 2009
  • "I had close contact with Yvonne only once, when she gave me a session at LRH's request when she came on mission to SH from wherever the Sea Org was at the time. There was no big deal in the situation or the session, but Yvonne's ARCU was exceptional, refreshing, and inspiring. I was later in the Sea Org myself, but our movements were such that I was never close to Yvonne on either the comm lines, the command lines, or in location. Yet I had enough exchange with her to know that her lovely ARCU continued and grew, and I also got to know that behind her beautiful smile was heartache. Whatever else was going on with Yvonne, I saw that she had a vision for Scientology as it could apply to ordinary people all over the world, a vision so simple and basic it could, if supported, have produced a broad groundswell of enthusiasm, a bottom-up pressure for survival for all, and for a more loving environment within the entire organization. That Yvonne, who was capable of fighting for every inch towards what she really wanted for her friends, did not feel able to fight for that vision is an important part of the history of Scientology that will have to be written one day, and the telling will likely not be pleasant. It's a story I do not know." Anonymous, May, 2013
  • "Yvonne decided that we needed to clean up Hollywood Blvd (the Wilcox -- our berthing was just off Hollywood Blvd). So she announces that for some time -- we would ALL spend our CSP (personal hygiene) time -- 9-noon on Saturdays. SWEEPING Hollywood Blvd. Yes --- SWEEPING -- brooms and all ... I think we all mutinied -- I don't remember ever doing the sweeping but it was one of her ideas to get us INTO the community. We loved her beyond words, she scared me cause I was a reg and knew that I had to get the GI or else we wouldn't eat ..." Christine Baranay, May, 2013
  • "I had some contact with Yvonne and she was a wonderful, kind, compassionate and caring person. It is a rarity that a Scientologist, particularly an SO member, is able to maintain such traits, but Yvonne did it. The memory of Yvonne that stands out the most for me was when I was going through hell on the RPF. I was having a very bad day and was in one of the bathrooms cleaning it, sobbing uncontrollably. Yvonne showed caring and compassion towards me and she was the only one on the ship who did. Most people turned away in disgust when they saw RPFers, but not Yvonne. I think there was a part of her that knew the truth." Monica Pignotti, May, 2013
  • "I arrived in LA in August of 1969 with two t-shirts, one pair of pants, sandals, a few hundred dollars, and no car. I had no place to stay and didn't know anybody. The second night I was here, I went to CC to see what it was like. Yvonne noticed I was a new guy and immediately and warmly greeted me, showed me around, took me into her office and introduced me to her staff and also Lamont Johnson, a well known jazz pianist who was there. She helped me find a place to stay. I routed onto course at AHSO, and afterwards, whenever she saw me, she would ask how I was doing and if I needed anything. No matter what services I was or where I was on lines, CC was my second home. She never tried to reg me or recruit me and was genuinely interested in my well being. She not only treated me that way, but she treated everyone like that. She had a very big, comfortable space and you could feel the affinity that she had. She was very consistently like that, you would never see her with anything except a big smile on her face. We all considered her to be the epitome of what an OT should be like, and really, what we all aspired to be like!" Trey Lotz, May, 2013
  • "She is a Being we all greatly loved and admired ... we who knew her, and hope to know her again, were truly warmed by her presence." Mary Sue Hubbard, February, 1978
  • "Yvonne Jentzsch is a Being of the Highest Character and one of the greatest persons of all time. She had recognized the beauty and value of the music she heard me play, in 1975 saying 'that was beautiful'. In her Command she would ask others, each one, of the person 'will you do it for me'. - 'Duplication of Source' ..... Afterwards, I wrote a score for the Way To Happiness and for a movie that was to come. In 1983, this fact was presented to her successor and we both decided not to submit it then. Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch was a guiding direction then and now, and so is LRH Source." Paul Copercini, May, 2013
  • ""The first time I interacted with Yvonne was in ’68. She coached me on TR’s 0-9 to a Final Checkout Pass. The last time I interacted with Yvonne was a couple of weeks before she passed from this life. Although I didn’t realize until later Yvonne was tenderly, graciously and lovingly telling me “Goodbye”. I love Yvonne and miss her to this day. Yvonne was a remarkable human being and I am certain that the lasting, positive impact of Yvonne’s persona, aura, style and class on the lives of countless individuals will never be able to comprehensively be chronicled, catalogued and given deserved full due measure. Among the most valuable, lasting and good things I learned during my tenure in Scientology and the Sea Org are from my moments in time with Yvonne and not from Hubbard, whom I also personally interacted with. An hour with Yvonne…ah, heck a few minutes…taught you more about how to treat another than a million words by any author. I know Yvonne was not perfect, but, she never pretended nor claimed to be. However, Yvonne’s “Presence” innately and naturally kindled, fostered and brought forward the “Presence” in others, and I have never met anyone else in my life with such a Divine Gift." Anonymous, May, 2013

Ministorial Functions[edit | edit source]

Christenings[edit | edit source]

Sara Melanie Gittel, daughter of Lauren Paula Samuels at the Flag Land Base, on November 27, 1977[1].

Marriages[edit | edit source]

  • Snooky Weiss (Class VIII) to Lt. Craig De Fan (Class VIII) on December 28, 1968[2].
  • Rhea Bittelma to Mitch Spence on December 29, 1968[3].
  • Chris Hull to Bob Giles on August 18, 1969 at Celebrity Centre[4].
  • Christine Annette Orth to Robert Allan Rosenstein on October 27, 1970 at Celebrity Centre[5].
  • Ulla Ness to Rory Tate on December 19, 1970 at Celebrity Centre[6].
  • Janet Shankman to Robin Williamson on December 20, 1970[6].
  • Donna Bertone to Tom Rabbit on December 21, 1970 at Celebrity Centre[6].
  • Nancy Ann Wilson to Steven R. Helgeson on September 16, 1972 at Celebrity Centre[7].
  • Christine Baranay to Jon Randall McDonald on November 19, 1972[8].
  • Erica Willemsen to William McCall on June 30, 1975[9].
  • Jean Whitney to Jim Newell on November 12, 1975 at the Manor[10].
  • Shanen Stuart to Paul Ingraham on April 10, 1976 at Hollywood, California[11].
  • Athena Sikking to Steve Whelchel on May 21, 1976 at Hollywood, California[11].
  • Delwyn Sanderson to Peter Davidson on June 3, 1976 at Hollywood, California[11].

Naming Ceremonies[edit | edit source]

  • Suzanne Elizabeth Feely, daughter of Dan and Laura Feely at the Manor, on February 8, 1975[12].

Ordinations[edit | edit source]

  • Marilyn Carlson on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Tom Cockayne on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Parran Dabney on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Jim Ellingson on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Mark Fisk on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Suzanne Glasgow on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Allan Grondin on November 19, 1975[12].
  • John Heigl on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Richard Kennedy on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Zee Merchant on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Ellen Rockwell on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Michael Snook on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Carmen Tempura on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Rebecca Westover on November 19, 1975[12].
  • Frank Pauls Worth on November 19, 1975[12].

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