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Removal of offshoot label at the top309:24, January 29, 2018
Help wanted on Horner article117:38, October 28, 2014

Removal of offshoot label at the top

I have removed the following which was placed at the top of the article in May 2017: "NOTE: This article discusses an offshoot. Offshoots are considered something OTHER than Scientology, as they were not developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and they have never been practiced in any Scientology Church. "

There are 2 points here.

One. Up to the heading "4 Leaving Scientology" the article does discuss and recount important occurrences at the beginning of Dianetics/Scientology. Putting that noticed there at the top could deter folk from looking/reading the beginning. Also at the end of the article under the heading "6.1 Magazine mentions" there are references in Scientology of Dianetics magazines of the time.

Two. The heading "4 Leaving Scientology" clearly marks that what follows is outside of Scientology. It would be true to place a similar notice at that point but is it necessary?

Antony A Phillips (talk)09:22, January 27, 2018

You could place the notice in the section that starts the discussion of what he did after leaving Scientology and starting Dianology.

Dl88008 (talk)14:26, January 27, 2018

Correct. I could. However it does not seem necessary to me since the heading clearly says Leaving Scientology. It should be clear to anybody sensitive in those matters that what follows is not Scientology and is outside that sphere. However, going into discussions a bit, his "other practices" were quite successful for a period. Why? Because they were based on Scientology principles. But this is something people can find out if they care to look up the references.

Antony A Phillips (talk)16:37, January 27, 2018

I have put a note at the correct place. Hopefully more aesthetic and less like vandalism. It also contains reference to the offshoots page.

Antony A Phillips (talk)09:24, January 29, 2018

Help wanted on Horner article

In preparing this article on Jack Horner I did not look through the issues of the American Magazine, Ability. I know there are references there. I have pdf files of all copies, but they are prepared in such a way that you can not search them (they appear to be image files), and frankly going through them one by one is not my cup of tea. Any one like to do it? I have the files, 197 MB, and can put them in my dropbox and give you a link if anyone wants to help. (You can also find them at:!IFJiXILR!H3Sf5AYblhBjmQ-3CJyuaw ) . I remember seeing an advertisement for his book, but there is more, perhaps about his whereabouts.

Antony A Phillips09:31, October 7, 2014

I have now got a searchable set of Abilities, and also earlier magazines which mention Jack. It would be nice to get accounts from people who had met and perhaps had auditing from Jack.

Antony A Phillips16:46, October 28, 2014