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Scientology, L Ron Hubbard's research record, has spawned many offshoots and derivative methodologies and practices.

NOTE: Offshoots are considered something OTHER than Scientology, as they were not developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and they have never been practiced in any Scientology Church.

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Avatar Course

The Avatar Course was created by a former Scientology mission holder named Harry Palmer.

They offer various levels of personal development which are loosely related to the Scientology levels.

"From a 1991 issue of the Avatar Journal, company literature and associated websites started portraying Harry Palmer (born April 3, 1944) as an Educational Psychologist, including claims that he received a master's in educational psychology from Elmira College (or alternatively that he majored in Educational Psychology). In his book Living Deliberately, Palmer claims to have majored in Educational Psychology as part of the Triplum Program at Ithaca College. In fact, he received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Ithaca College in 1969 and a master's in education from Elmira College in 1971, and gained certification to teach English in secondary schools. Neither Ithaca College nor Elmira College ever offered a major or minor course of study in Educational Psychology; and Educational Psychology never formed part of the Ithaca Plan (Triplum Program).

The Florida Department of Health investigated the academic credentials of Harry Palmer in 2005/2006. The Department found that he used the term "psychologist" illegally and made him sign a cease-and-desist agreement.

The biography on Palmer's website at this time calls him a "lifelong educator" though he was only a teacher between 1969 and 1972, which is consistent with previous biographies published by his company."[1]

Deep Clearing

See the reference below. [2]


Jack Horner created an offshoot group after leaving the church in the late 60's - "So we spent a lot of time researching names again and I found a verb in the dictionary which was to “educe”. To educe means to draw out the potential of, or uncover that which is hidden. So from that I coined the word “Eductivism”, which means the practice of bringing out the potential of or uncovering that which is hidden. And the term “eductor”, which means one who helps somebody develop his potential or uncover that which is hidden, and the term “eductee”, meaning one who is doing that. And this name at least is a clearly differentiated name from Scientology and Dianetics1. DIA (Greek) through, NOUS (Greek) mind, deals with a system of mental image pictures in relation to psychic (spiritual) trauma. The mental image pictures are believed on the basis of personal revelation to be comprising mental activity created and formed by the spirit, and not by the body or brain. (BPL 24 Sept 73 V) 2. Dn addresses the body. Thus Dn is used to knock out and erase illnesses, unwanted sensations, misemotion, somatics, pain, etc. Dn came before Scn. It disposed of body illness and the difficulties a thetan was having with his body. (HCOB 22 Apr 69)...more."[3]

EST/Landmark WorldwideThe corporation the owns and controls Scientology Orgs. (HCO PL 9 Mar 72I)/The Forum

Other influences included Dale Carnegie, Subud, Scientology and Mind Dynamics.[4]


Developed by Bill Robertson

In 1981 when all went so wrong and David Miscavige began the take over of the church – with the help of some intelligence or IRS or whatever organizations – Captain Bill left the church. First he wanted to establish a Freezone in California and USUnited States. (Modern Management Technology Defined (C) 1976). in general but got no support.

He came to Europe where he got enough people and established the Freezone and Ron's Org. By the way, Ron's Org stands for Ron's Organization and Network for Standard technologyThe methods of application of an art or science as opposed to mere knowledge of the science or art itself. (HCOB 13 Sep 65) ''Abbr.'' tech (note the capital letters.)

Excalibur is part of the upper bridge as delivered in RO's today.


Idenics Website

Discussion Forum re Idenics


Alan Walter - creator of Knowledgism

Alan Walter's developments after leaving Scientology as one the the highest trained persons it ever produced.[5] Roger Boswarva set up the where all of the Knowledgism materials developed by Alan and him are available.


Remote Viewing

Three Part Remote Viewing Podcast Series

"Remote Viewing" is a term coined by Scientologist and OTOperating Thetan - 7. this state of being is attained by drills and familiarity after the state of Clear has been obtained. A real OT has no reactive bank, is cause over matter, energy, space, time and thought and is completely free. (HCOB 12 Jul 65)...More VII Ingo Swann who, along with another OTOperating Thetan - 7. this state of being is attained by drills and familiarity after the state of Clear has been obtained. A real OT has no reactive bank, is cause over matter, energy, space, time and thought and is completely free. (HCOB 12 Jul 65)...More VII Hal Puthoff created the first Remote Viewing experiments at Stanford Research Institute.

That CIA funded research evolved and became known as Technical Remote Viewing and Coordinate Remote Viewing.

The original research proved conclusively that L Ron Hubbard's discoveries and methodologies, as delivered by the "Church" of Scientology at the time, were capable of developing and extending human capabilities into the realm of what is commonly considered "paranormal".

Self Clearing

Ken Ogger - "The Pilot"

Self Clearing by The Pilot put forth by Ken Ogger (The "Pilot") "as many procedures based on Scientology theory for 'do it yourself' improving of a persons conditionA condition is an operating state. (SH Spec 62, 6505C25) and abilities."[6]

Spiritual Rescue Technology

Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling

Dex Gelfand's offshoot applications.



"In 1978 Dennis Stephens developed a self help therapy for mental healing. That technique was published in the public domain in his book "The Resolution of Mind" also known as TROM."[7]


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