Ken Urquhart

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Ken Urquhart
Training Level Grad V-Class IX
Case Supervision GradV
Country Scotland
State Fife
City Kirkcaldy
Geo 56° 7' 0.57" N, 3° 9' 29.29" W

1957 Introduced to Scn. by a family friend. We went to a weekend “Group Auditing Intensive” at HASI London. I was very impressed with the presence of the group auditors. [Later auditing uncovered some Releases that occurred during this weekend.] In the years following, I did a lot of basic training and had some auditing.

1963 Went to Saint Hill to be LRH’s “Household Officer” in charge of his domestic arrangements. Saw LRH every day he was at SH. He chatted a lot. We became friends.

1965 At my own request, I moved over into an executive position in the SH organization. Held several different posts, mostly LRH Comm SH or WW.

1968 LRH called me to the Sea Org vessel “Royal Scot Man.” Became LRH Personal Communicator. As such, helped him administer his communication and command lines, local and international, with both administrative and executive support. We worked closely together and mostly very well for some years. The best times were when he c/sed the crew folders. Several times he took the crew c/sing into his own hands.. He would have me sit with him as he did the work, telling me what he was finding, what he would then look for, describe that, and then explain what he would do about it as regards pc, auditor, and c/s. He thoroughly enjoyed this work – at which he was a real virtuoso. He applied the tech not only exactly, but with flair, firmness, and great personal kindness towards pc, auditor, and c/s. These were lessons I will never forget.

I remained on the post until 1978. This can be a matter of some pride, since LRH was never one to suffer a fool gladly. However, the later years were not happy; I could not follow LRH in the direction he chose. I made a serious error of judgment which did no-one any harm but it certainly upset him and I was sent to the RPF. I was glad to be off the post and moving closer to technical.

1980 Taken out of the RPF to become a D of P for Interviews in the Flag NOTs HGC. Upgraded my auditor certification and became a NOTs auditor. For the best part of three years, I audited NOTS (and other Ad. Courses) at Flag and was the highest-producing NOTs auditor there in 1982-3.

1982-3 Became increasingly unhappy with how the Scn group had changed from the group I had happily joined; I had to leave what I couldn’t give loyalty or support to. Just as I was leaving quietly, the new C of S management, RTC, threw me out noisily and nastily. One of their senior executives spat in my face.

1984 and since: I audited for months at David Mayo’s Santa Barbara center; moved from there to Miami to deliver auditing and solo training so some ex-staff members could get to Clear and OT. Over the years, I travelled extensively to give auditing to people in their homes. I have done a number of business projects. Am still auditing, and happy to do it.

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