The LRH I Knew

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The LRH I Knew
Name Patricia Krenik
Period 50's
Location Washington DC

My first introduction to L Ron Hubbard was in 1951 when I read the book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health at twenty-one years of age. I had no prior knowledge of him, had never been introduced to his Science-Fiction books or heard of him from any other source. His saying that DMSMH was an adventure became my adventure.

In July of 1957 my then husband and I drove from Seattle, WA to consider whether or not we would want to join the Wash. D.C. staff. I met Mary Sue who was very kind and helpful, but I didn't actually meet Ron Hubbard until we took another trip to D.C. in the winter of 1957. This time we had arrived to attend the Clearing Congress and the 19th ACC.

I don't remember when I first spoke to him. He eased into my life. First at a distance where he OK'ed our attending the ACC on time payments:) Then he gave personal lectures twice a day to all of us on the Clearing ACC.

Probably my first in contact experience was when he was walking around to inspect our TR 0. This was a new thing in 1958, having only been tested once before. We were all a bit unsure what to do, what this TR-0 was all about. (No OT TR-0 then) Ron walked up to see how I was doing and so I took my eyes off my coach and did TR-0 with Ron for a couple of minutes. He didn't interrupt or send my attention back to my coach. He just was "being there" with me. Finally I decided I was doing it OK, and turned my head back to my coach. LRH walked on to inspect the next couple.

Ron personally inspected our training and/or auditing about once a week. We had no worksheets in those days, so when we were auditing we would fill out a short form giving our viewpoint of the session. One time I was pc, and Ron came to watch me mock up. The item was a "teapot" so I spent quite awhile on mocking up this teapot and making it more solid, hoping, of course, that Ron could see it. He was quite patient while I took a minute or so. Then my auditor decided to get creative (after all Ron was there) and asked the most stupid question..."how are you doing that?" Not part of the procedure and it was an instant ARCx and I snapped at my auditor. Ron walked by, put his hand on my shoulder and asked, "how is your arc with this guy?" I was instantly contrite and told him "fine" (quickly putting my arc back) and we were able to continue the session.

So we saw him daily in class and frequently around town. LRH was very assessable in those days. He ate in the same restaurants, walked the same streets. My ex and I had picked up two children from Maine where they were being cared for, and saw LRH in D.C again before we returned home. I introduced him to the two children, one being a baby and fussing over my shoulder, but the other was 3 1/2 and she looked him up and down after he said "hi" for maybe 10 seconds, before she finally decided it was OK to answer him. He smiled, turned to me and said, "That's a smart one."

Prior to picking up the children LRH personally checked out anyone who thought they might have gone clear in the 19th ACC. There were about sixteen of us, about one half the class. We were kept waiting in the Washington D.C. headquarters. Finally the LRH Communicator popped her head in and said, "Ron says anyone who isn't sure they are clear should go home." Remarkably, while we kind of looked each other over, no one left.

One by one we were on the emeter for the checkouts. When it was my turn I held the cans and Ron asked questions. In front of me next LRH was Mary Sue, and behind me were the Supervisors who seemed to be taking this matter more seriously than I. At one point LRH asked me a question and I decided to look over the answer (comm lag) and I heard indrawn breaths behind me. I wasn't worried. I knew I was Clear.

Of course LRH never evaluated or said yes or no. It was just a Qual Checkout. Some questions he asked had to do with help. Some were mock ups (he knew I'd had a baby who had died as an infant--he asked me to mock up a bassinet.)

After 1958 I didn't personally see and talk to him until 1961. I had a new husband then, who was delightedly and eagerly shaking hands with Ron, happy to see him again. I hung back, watching. Ron reached out to me with a comm, said, "How do you like this guy?" I instantly went into high ARC with Ron and my then new husband. "I think he is wonderful," I replied.

Later my new husband, Ralph and I were visiting LRH in his office. Ralph and Ron swapped stories. Ralph showed Ron his new dog tags, with Scientology on them (first time ever Scientology was recognized as a religion by the Army) and they poured out some interest over that for awhile. Ron pulled out his 45 and showed it to Ralph, and they mused over that for awhile. All very friendly and fun. Ralph even asked to borrow some money from Ron, but I put my foot down on that. I wasn't just sure then how we could pay him back! So about 15 minutes later which was all just relaxed and good fun we left. The next person in line was a young lady from Chicago who was miffed about waiting all that time. Ron came out, looked at her and said, "Mary Lou, "I didn't know it was you waiting out here or I would have come out sooner."

What a smooth tongue and such high ARC Ron had. Mary Lou melted and followed him into his office.

Patricia Krenik