How LRH Developed Rundowns

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How LRH Developed Rundowns
Name Ken Urquhart
Period St. Hill, Early SO, At Sea, Florida, California
Location St. Hill, Lisbon, Las Palmas, Mediterranean, Morocco, Portugal, Daytona, Duneden, Clearwater, Int.Base
On 8 January 2016 Kenneth G. Urquhart wrote the following comment, with regard to the article Two Happiness Rundowns which were developed after Ken stopped working closely with the L Ron Hubbard.

In my day, LRH would develop a new rundown using the auditors to hand locally to begin the experimental auditing.He would work with the C/S who was in charge of the auditors but LRH would usually see the folders too.

And he would have daily conferences with the C/S about the folders and what was happening with the preclears.

When he was satisfied that he had a good product, he would have the c/s write up the hcobs -- often from the C/S's notes of conferences he'd had with LRH as the rundown developed. The C/S would also submit a list of the most common errors he'd seen the auditors committing on this new RD and that would be the basis of the RD's correction list.

I was not on that line when they developed the HRD but I would bet that the same procedure applied. Because David Mayo, who would have been the c/s on this pilot, "wrote the issues," his initials followed LRH's on the ascription at the bottom.

Compiling the RD's issues would have been a cooperative effort involving LRH and David Mayo.


To say that David Mayo wrote the HRD issues is a misstatement.

Yes, he sat at a typewriter and typed up the HCOBs' texts from his notes of discussing the sessions with LRH. He would have sent these draft issues to LRH for approval. If LRH didn't want to approve anything he didn't. If he wanted something changed, he changed it or had it changed. If David Mayo had had an idea of his own and wanted it added to the RD or to an HCOB above and beyond what LRH had uttered in their meetings, David would have run it by LRH before sending it in for approval to issue.

I'd say that the same procedure applied to the NOTs materials.

Ken Urquhart

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