Chris Black - Vic's ARC SW

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Success Story
Auditor Chris Black
Name Vic
Auditing Success ARCSW
Website Black

ARC Straightwire Release. An amazing journey; I'm very proud of all Vic has accomplished in our recent auditing. Chris Black

Success Story[edit | edit source]

I've just finished a Progress Program and ARC Straightwire. I'm very glad to be moving up the Bridge again. It's a purpose I've had for many years, and it feels good to be moving ahead.

I was not very happy with my life before, and had a lot of attention on life's road blocks which I've had to deal with. But now I'm happy with the life I've created. And I'm able to relax and be myself. And am no longer fighting some dim distant past.

Also, my mind is much quieter now. I no longer feel like my bank is in constant communication with me. Or that my perception of the world is viewed through it's colouration and chatter.

I'm more aware of what's around me. And more able to communicate with it. I feel a sense of stability, calm, and certainty which I haven't felt before.

I wanna thank Chris for helping me get to this point. For being able to reach toward the new life ahead of me.


March 30, 2014"