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Success Story
Auditor Chris Black
Name SJ
Auditing Success Grade 2
Website Black
  • A self-originated win on Grade II my pc wanted me to post. Chris Black

I can say that am regaining certainty on past lives in this Grade, increasing ARC for others - I mean out the roof, increasing my knowingness. All the items that I want to handle are getting handled. The overt-motivator sequence is a fascinating thing; when you go through it quietly in an auditing session and you start realizing CONCEPTUALLY what is happening and what you have done and received - you get really tired of the dumb things you have done because as a close friend recently said "ahhh... time time to pay the Karma piper". Well I'd rather not anymore, I don't like debts.

I think I can be smarter, I can be happier, I can make better decisions and better decisions make for a better life and for harmony accross all dynamics.

I also realize that the ARC triangle is not just something you do to try and "get along" better with people or make friends. It is much simpler and all-encompassing of life. I used to have a very limited concept of ARC - it was more like a tool. I don't have that limited viewpoint anymore and am looking at my future with eyes wide open, quite literally.

There is nothing more important for you than to handle your life so you can get in a quiet space with an auditor and hear these 4 words:


Handle your life, get in session, love yourself enough to do this. It's what LRH wanted you to have - everything he did was for YOU to get yourself out of the mud, for you to be happy again (not just momentarily), for you to look at yourself, your experiences, make new decisions, to create something beautiful for yourself and others. He didn't just develop all this for nothing, he worked hard, he sacrificed much, he was not always perfectly right with everything but he did map out something that works. We really do have a brief breath in eternity --- the tech is NOT made to just collect dust on the shelf it is made to be used. Get in session my friends. Keep walking the walk to the next level... I am.

Boy I can smell that Clear state --- I can smell it. I want it. I really want it. However, for now I am enjoying every single Grade and process, it is how I will get to Clear and what a wonderful series of steps.

And once I get to Clear well..... fire up the BBQ - I'll be hungry.

ARC and best to all of you. SJ, Toronto Canada"

march 2013 update[edit | edit source]

Stefan was my pc who recently completed Grade II. He wrote this win and sent it to me. I wasn't going to post it, but he insisted. And re-reading it, I tend to agree and see why.

"March 22, 2013 Success Story - SJ

I wish to write a brief description of my wins since getting back on the Bridge with my auditor Chris Black in Toronto in Sept 2012. Let me tell you firstly that doing this was not easy or quick or pain-free, or free.

It takes money, time, focus, coordination with employers, bright ideas, resourcefulness, responsibility and knowledge to go up The Bridge. This did not just happen all on automatic; I got my butt in the chair, made it happen and Chris and I worked on moving me efficiently on my Grades.

I'm glad I am not at FSO getting auditing where "You too can go from Grade 0 to Clear in 5 weeks". What a tech degrade and overt of magnitude; it is nauseating. It took me probably 6 intensives just to get from mid Grade 1 to finishing Grade 2 and it was done over 2 weeks in Sept, 2 weeks in Jan and 2 weeks in March and that is auditing 2-3-4 times a day every day for the 2 weeks.

I still have my goal of going Clear in 2013, but not sure on the logistics yet and how it will happen. Theta is senior to the mechanics of MEST and my decision is made; it is still very early in the year with no more vacation time left in my calendar year. This doesn't concern me as I know how powerful and smart I can be when it comes to moving things in the right direction. Years in the Sea Org has made me a pretty focused young man and determined young man.

Let's talk wins, apart from the one of simply getting the auditing done. What did I get from it?

1. I had a complete repair program done in Sept 2012 which ended in a Floating TA. Maybe more than 1 actually. Re-started on my grade 1 which I was in the middle of for a decade and very unflat, believe me.

2. Attested to Grade 1 in January 2013. Problems vanish and I don't even notice they're gone, my life is problem-free. I mean they do show up but are shot down so quickly that it is just my new normal. Why did I wait a decade to finish this Grade? In the middle of this Grade I was close to getting fired at my job; after this Grade I got pulled into the supervisor's office with a letter saying I had dramatically changed my performance and I was one of the few who was getting a raise. On this grade my left eye also shifted and got repaired, it was drooping. Any PTSness vanished; suppression nowhere. That is tremendous relief and it enables you to live your life.

3. Attested to Grade 2 in March 2013. Last week!!! YAY ME! My wins on Grade 2 are below.

4. Chris is auditing several pcs every time I am up in Toronto receiving auditing. He is a busy man, even when not auditing he has many things on the go and many hats but when session time comes he has tremendous auditing skills and the pc is the most important thing. You never feel like you are being audited by a robot, it's like talking to a buddy. I am always fully in-session...and on the rare occasion I am not (due to an ARC-X or whatever happens, it is handled right there and then). When there is an F/N it is called, he doesn't sit there looking for 9 seconds if there is 3 swings of the needle; it floats or it doesn't. If there is TA and I feel like ending the process he kindly pushes me on. If I get tired of running a repetitive command after 20-30 mins he always helps me out and those LOOOOONG 20 minute questions usually result in the most fantastic releases and cogs which completely blow my mind. Therefore, when I get tired of it, I know we need to push through. The trick is to just keep answering the question and being in comm with the auditor, we are a team. Auditing with an OT and Class IX really is special.

Grade 2 wins:

Improved perceptions. I see better. People and the MEST universe used to be "over there" so to speak, now they are clearly in front of me in full 3D and vividly bright color and with tremendous details. I call it my vampire eyes. LOL - I thought after laser eye surgery fixed my eyes in 2004 that they could not get any better, well I was kind of right and kind of wrong. I still see very clearly without glasses, but now I have a deeper vision, a new level of vision that is like Objectives processing wins (fully in present time) but times 10. Truly. When I WANT to see all I do, when I want to just listen to music I just do that. But even with music, I have an enhanced enjoyment of it, I can hear all the 2-3-6-12 instruments being played and richness of sound.

I am very much the other people and the MEST universe. I understand how LRH says we are the 8 dynamics, we don't just have them - we're it.

People like me. I don't worry about people being upset and hostile towards me or others. If they are I just look at them and I appropriately acknowledge them or I send them flows and they seem to calm down. Life is all about flows; that's for sure. In actual fact, people that used to be distant from me or not like me are showing up in my life and in comm. Could it be that it was just my fault the whole time? Hmmm. Grade 2 is miraculous that way. Not only do I want to be smarter about things but I am actively looking at areas where I failed to be responsible in and looking to improve those areas. It is possible to do, and quite rewarding. Jealousies? Gone. Wanting to get revenge on people? Gone. Blaming others? Non-existent.

Tremendous relief physically and mentally. I used to knowingly withdraw from certain terminals and run away from them and try to avoid them; now I forward comms to them or get right in their space. There is no fear of being whacked by some policeman or a black belt brother-in-law or my brother who is antagonistic. They are all my friends again. Magical. ARC is out the roof with people I know and strangers, I want to be with them, I want to reach for them, because they are my dynamics. I am my dynamics.

A realization that I am CAUSE in life. Tremendous win. So simple. I am looking forward to Grade 3 and moving closer to Clear.

Thanks to LRH for all these wins and the precise tech that always works when applied well and as intended with care and love."