Trey Lotz - JT's L-12

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Success Story
Auditor Trey Lotz
Name Jim Treanor
Auditing Success L 12
Website Lotz

Jim just finished his L12! Here is his success story, short and sweet! Trey Lotz

SUCCESS STORY L12[edit | edit source]

This was a great level. This level removed such huge amounts of charge that I now feel keyed out most of the time.

I also am occupying much more space which of course greatly increases my feeling of freedom.

I now give almost no attention to painful Incidents from my past that I used to obsess over often on a daily basis.

Further, beginning when I was a teenager, I had a problem with grinding my teeth. I had ground down all my molars and had to wear a mouth guard when I slept.

On this level, I blew the charge that caused the anxiety related to grinding my teeth, and I no longer grind my teeth or use the mouth guard.

Finally, my ability to appreciate music has continued to improve.

Thanks again to Trey for his great auditing and for delivering the Ls.

Jim Treanor