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Ian, your story of the "Comments stat" reminded me of a funny incident at the newly renovated Renaissance Restaurant at Celebrity Centre Manor Hotel in Hollywood.

I think it was about 1990 when the Manor building was in the process of being remodeled. The church had purchased the property in the mid 70's for about $150k but now they were spending about a million on a super-posh upgrade.

The restaurant was finished first and they were anxious to show it off and give it some test runs before the big whoo-haa grand opening of the whole place. (Phil Christadoula, who was a trained chef was brought over from AOLA where he had been a NOTS auditor) So it was opened on a limited basis and some friends and I had dinner there one night. After the meal you were expected to fill out a service form to rate the ambiance, service, and food.

The last item on the form was "Comments".

I wrote on mine, "your eyes stink"

Our waiter, who was a friend of mine, told me later that my "comment" had sent several young (and inexperienced) CMO girls into a tizzy and distress until someone clued them into the fact it was taken from the "Preclear Origination Sheet" and a joke. But of course, one would have to have done a communication course to get it, as well as have a perverse sense of humor. :-)

Dl8800823:29, June 4, 2012