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The Admin Scale was meant to be applied to anything from the smallest post to your personal life to "all" of clearing the planet.

That is why I suggest trying to make one on a simple goal "to build a tree house" just for practice. And, of course, read the Policies on how to do it, it helps with ideas.

Without an admin scale one goes no where.

I had one for FZelma, I just reviewed it and find it needs LOTs of tweeking. But it did help me get started here.

This is the first part of it, that still stands:

Goals To have hundreds of small groups around the planet delivering Scientology Purposes To KSW Policy Deliver excellent service (changed to "always deliver what is promised) Plans 1) Establish a base in Elma from which to operate 2) Train students well 3) Deliver auditing 4) Promote the idea of above mentioned goal rather than promoting “all under a single umbrella” as is done in the COS

Now I would know to add under purposes, to free beings. I didn't know as much 15 years ago as I do now.

Hope this helps with understanding.


Thetagal (talk)20:41, August 30, 2015

Thank you for taking the time to go into more detail Pat. :)

~ Jonathan

Burkejon (talk)16:50, October 11, 2015