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Admins scales are for use, and can be written up for any activity.

You could start a business--goal is to create a viable cat cemetery. Purposes: 1. To have a place to place cat bodies after they die 2. To help people obtain "closure" regarding their pets. Policy-- To give empathetic service. Plans: 1) To purchase a space large enough to hold the cat bodies. 2) To design cat coffins and get them built 3) To advertise the existence of this service Etc. Etc.

You just follow the steps and work them back and forth until you are satisfied with it. Make sure you have the key words right, particularly is it singular or plural form. See admin dictionary...it is goals, purposes, policy. Not policies. Policy is the key approach to the handling of your organization...any organization has plenty of policies or rule, but you want the stable datum from which all other things in your group flow. Teddy Roosevelt's policy was "speak softly and carry a big stick". That might work for Teddy but it won't work for a cat cemetery.

In Elma WA our policy is to "always deliver what is promised."

Now of course in order to do that we might have to apply hundreds of policies...

Your purposes and ideal scene should be similar.

Here is a copy of the Admin Scale from "Modern Management Technology Defined" (Admin Dict.)

Goals, Purposes, Policy, Plans, Projects, Orders, Ideals Scenes, Stats, and Valuable final Products.

Thetagal (talk)08:42, August 29, 2015