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It is for the 3rd Dynamic of the field as a whole for all groups, politics and bias aside. It is to bring agreement among members of the Dynamic they are a part of, aware of it or not. Some realize they are members, some have no idea as of yet. If we do this right, they unreservedly will. Though, some may never know depending on their awareness of their conditions on a personal level. That is for them to decide and become aware, or not, ethics is a personal thing per the references applicable and will be covered also in the admin scale. Gone are the days of using Ethics technology as weapon or blackmail. No one HAS to take part, but they would be happier if they did, in my opinion.

It is an ongoing process, that is why it is called Third Dynamic deabberation and is a repetitive process, that is why it is worked up and down for maximum agreement. :) It is a work in progress and there is no set time limit. More people are becoming a part of the group daily and are interested as they know the potential of a properly done admin scale.

Burkejon21:26, July 22, 2013