The Golden Dawn

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Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch narrates L Ron Hubbard's essay - The Golden Dawn

For countless ages a goal of religion has been the salvage of the human soul.

Man has tried by many practices to find the pathway to salvation. This country has kept wide the doorway for this salvation by retaining religious freedom.

And here after these ages of grief and suffering, through terrible wars and catastrophe, the hope still lives.

And with that hope, accomplishment.

Man can save his soul.

Like the bright cool dawn after a night of prison and of thunder, man can taste that freedom sought so long.

There are those who will say that only after lifetime of sacrifice and good can the soul be free. That god demands conditions in the freedom, and some have the power in making mankind slaves.

But these things too get answers, all we tell you now is that you can be free.

Many can be free in a few days, the souls of some can be saved in hours, those deeply steeped in materialism can be salvaged in months or years.

What you hear here is factual; literally true. The salvation hoped for these past two thousand years is here. You are being told that now, and it is true.

It has not come with blares of trumpets or the flare and flash of flame. And the salvation itself is not done by sudden drama or a walk on a gleaming cloud. It is done quietly, in a chair, as part of people like yourself.

And you don't have to go to heaven or to hell if you don't want to. You can be entirely free to go anywhere. And you can be immortal. And you'd have your body and your family and your friends.

We are extending to you the precious gift of total freedom and immortality. Factually, honestly - you are a spirit. You are your own soul. You are not mortal. You can be free.

It may be you will wish to linger and help others to be free - that will require that you study and work.

We embrace all denominations, faiths and colors. We work with the believer and unbeliever alike.

Part of your freedom is your right to belong to any church.

Not only so we hold your right to worship to be sacred, we may also insist you do not change your faith or leave the congregation to which you belong.

Scientology is the study of knowledge in its fullest sense. The mysteries of existence lie in Scientology before men's eyes.

The ministers trained in Scientology know how to know. And they know too how to set you free from pain, from grief, from suffering - from the endless despair of this veil of tears.

Scientology can free the human soul and deliver the body from pain.

Man can save his soul. We know how.

If man does not want to be saved, that is a decision man must make - each one for himself.

You have been invited.

You will be accepted.

If you do not care to be accepted, that too is your freedom.

L Ron Hubbard

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