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Great Work EK013:25, June 30, 2013
Disqus013:24, June 30, 2013
Wiki markup Vs. HTML in pages012:53, June 30, 2013

Great Work EK

This is an awesome project EK. Very well done on confronting this and taking the time and effort to shed light on what REALLY happened with the "Basic" evolution.

Dl8800812:57, June 29, 2013

DISQUS is a commenting application that can be inserted into web pages.

I've added it to this main page for the "Alterations" of LRH books but the site's built-in "Discussion" capability is a better and more permanent tool to use throughout the site.

The other pages such as the "FOT" page and "HOM" page will not have the DISQUS feature but will have the "Discussion" tab available for anyone to carry on discussions about those individual pages pages.

The "Discussion", forum feature of the site requires a user be logged-in to comment or post new threads. this may change, but for now it's necessary to reduce spam.

Dl8800813:01, June 30, 2013

Wiki markup Vs. HTML in pages

Good job on editing the page EK, it looks good.

Using html for formatting pages in the wiki works but ideally, should be limited to instances where the wiki markup doesn't have a styling option. e.g.using the "<center></center>" tags.

The reason is that the wiki markup has some built-in features which won't be available if you only use html. For example, using the wiki "highlighting" of sections automatically creates a table of contents on the page. The table of contents makes page navigation easier and allows one to link to a specific section of a page.

For example, This Link will take you to the specific section of the FAQ's that explains how to add video's to a page.

When you use html formatting, you can't do things like that.

Again, great job on the formatting you have done. My comments here are aimed at looking at the long term project and setting a standard for page layouts and usability. There will be quite a few pages added to this topic and therefore a little time spent learning the wiki formatting now, will be a good investment.

Dl8800812:53, June 30, 2013