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Jonathan Burke Enemy Condition Assignment

Dl88008 (talk)11:55, January 13, 2021

Jonathan Burke - Treason Assignment

Jonathan Burke got a Treason Condition Assignment, (issued by the Milestone 2 Group), in the year 2015. Specifics below:

Quote by CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter:

Independent Scientology Treason Condition Assignment and Non-Enturbulation Order

Please note the attached Independent Scientology Treason Condition Assignment and Non-Enturbulation Order are promulgated pursuant to the religious teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology as promulgated by Independent Scientology Milestone Two.

Please also note that that the following are being cross-posted in part (albeit only in part) pursuant to the instruction on the Treason Condition Assignment, "To : All Scientologists in the Field, all sites, all blogs," and the instruction on the Non-Enturbuulation Order, "To : All Scn Field, all Scn related blogs and sites."

  • * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * * *

From: [deleted] To: [deleted] CC: [deleted] Sent: 6/27/2015 [deleted] Subj: Non-Enturbulation Order- Jonathan Burke Greetings to all, I am Peter Torres, aka Thetaclear, who have an important message to deliver. This message concerns the individual called Jonathan Burke of the Advanced Org of the Great Plains. On May 9 2015 I sent a broad communication to several terminals in the Field concerning a Treason condition assignment on Mr. Burke. The details of that was contained on such a document which is attached to this e-mail in a new unit of time to avoid having to repeat the same information all over again. That Treason condition assignment broadly published as gradient #14 of the "Levels of ethics and justice Actions" as contained in HCOPL 29 April 1965 III , "Ethics Review" , was intended to bring about an Ethics change in Mr. Jonathan Burke so that he would start to assume his moral, civil, and legal responsibility, and correct the criminal actions he committed against my friend and selectee when Mr. Burke was servicing her a few months ago. Jonathan Burke's criminal actions got posted at MS2 blog for 5-8 hrs for a day as enough evidence of the crimes committed had been compiled. This post was done as a responsible action from the blog's moderator as Mr. Burke had been wrongly identifying himself as part of MS2's delivery network. Also the moderator, and rightly so , felt that it was her moral responsability to inform of Mr. Burke's out-ethics actions as the duty expected from a responsible Scientologist. As a clarification , Jonathan Burke acted totally alone, and was not ever representing in any way, shape or form, MS2's delivery network, or the ethics and professional principles in which it is based. MS2 in no way whatsoever had anything to do with Mr. Burke's misconduct , and Mr. Burke delivery was his total responsibility totally acting as an independent entitity. After this post had been already taken out of the lines in the best spirit to keep a public theta comm line, Jonathan Burke got in comm with MS2 to inform that he already had my friend's refund money , and that only needed my friend's address to send the money in. As I suspected, it all was PR from Mr. Burke only in an attempt to save his reputation , and escape discipline. He wrore an e-mail to my friend full of entheta , enturbulation, and motivators, only attempting to harass, suppress , and intimidate her. This obvious criminal and suppressive behavior needed the correct next ethics gradient which in this case is a Non-Enturbulation Order against Mr. Jonathan Burke. Such an Ethics Order is attached to this e-mail together with the previous Treason Condition assignment document , so all data about this cycle be available for any interested party. This Non-Enturbulation Order and the previous Treason Condition Assignment , are totally authored by me, and I have not received any orders, suggestions, or opinions from anybody including my friend , to write and/or broadly publish such documents. I have acted totally alone on this, out of my own sense of Justice and Honor as a responsible Scientologist attempting to keep the correct discipline in, as expected of any member of a civilized group. What follows is a copy-paste of the post that got published at MS2. If any terminal getting this communication wishes to not be bothered again with this subject , please inform me right away, and I'll immediately take you out of my mailing list. This comm is not intended to enturbulate, but only to enforce proper and correct Justice for all parties involved. Here is MS2 's post : End Quote:

To see the link to that Treason Condition Assignment on Jonathan Burke you have to search the Ex-scientologist Message Board for the following post: "Independent Scientology Treason Condition Assignment and Non-Enturbulation Order"

‎Policarpio ([[User talk: ‎Polica15:36, May 5, 2020

Knowledge Report - Jonathan Burke

Knowledge Report Re: Jonathan Burke of AO-GP brought to Court.

October 28 2020

Today I received a report of a "Judgment recently made in a wog circuit court for plaintiffs and against Jonathan Burke for nearly $50,000."

Jonathan Burke was sued by a public a while back in a court, it has taken a while for the judge to determine a decision, but he finally came in favor of the plaintiff.

He committed fraud, he borrowed about $50,000.00 from a public and later refused to pay back, then the person went to court and won the case. So he is now in danger to have wages taken and be reported to the IRS if he does not pay back.

This is a matter of public record, all the details are available. Anybody can obtain the information from Patricia Krenik, many tech terminals (reports name Trey Lotz, terminals at Scientolipedia), and several of AO-GP's public already know about this judgment.

Maybe this will give others some hope that Jonathan can be taken to court for repayment of loans or undelivered services.

This is true.

Cuitláhuac Rivas González.

Administrator Free Scientology Ethics FB Group.

Cuitláhuac Rivas Gonzálezz00:34, October 29, 2020

Congrats & welcome

Congratulations on creating your auditor page and welcome to Scientolipedia!

People interested in your services can now find you through search engines and referrals. You can use the link to this page just as you would any other website and it acts the same as well.

And just as if you had a separate website you maintain, you can changes or edit this page anytime you like.

Use the HELP section (sidebar of any page) to learn more about editing, adding pictures or videos to your page, adding articles and success stories and linking your page so you get maximum exposure.

Use the Technical Support link (sidebar) for any assistance or technical issues that come up.

Encourage your clients, PC's and students to post wins and success stories here in your exclusive forum for you page. It's a fantastic way to let people communicate with and about you.

Good luck and all the best!

David LaCroix

Dl8800807:28, February 10, 2013

You can start a new discussion by clicking "start a new discussion" above. Just an FYI.

Also, even though I have this page on my "watchlist", if you want to make sure I get your messages fast, click on my username and go to my "Talk" page and post the message there. Either place works though.


Dl8800800:38, December 5, 2012


Is it possible to fix the C'Sing level on the page and add audited NOTS as the auditing level? it won't accept class VII C/S'ing still. ???



Burkejon05:40, January 4, 2013

Audited NOTS would be Class IX not Class VII right?

I didn't put that as a choice originally but can add it.

edit: just looked and see the I DO have Class IX as a choice. (hadn't looked in a while) So does that handle?
Dl8800815:44, January 4, 2013

Audited nots could be class IX, but one can be a grad V and have done the ACS course and deliver the audited NOTS RD's. That's what I am so not sure how to put that....?

I delivered 3.2 hours today too, will have more tomorrow for the auditing stat.



Burkejon04:13, January 13, 2013

In the church they call Grad V's with the ACS training Class IX's. that's what I went with as a stable datum.

I like the interest in the stats.

Dl8800805:26, January 13, 2013

Jonathan, I'll put the video on the page and then you can see how it's done. You can't put a link in the image field, only a picture file like the one you had of LRH.

BTW, the production of the film looks fantastic, I want to talk to you about that!

Dl8800814:48, May 11, 2012

See also this FAQ on how to add video to a page.

Dl8800814:58, May 11, 2012


Thank you for putting the video on there again. I noticed a typo on the word video above the video itself. Is that something I can fix?

I will be in touch next week as I stated on the phone. Please let me know of any videos you want to do for the site. If you want to film your self at home and send it to me or something like that I can really make it a nice video in post with broadcast quality standards in production.

It was great talking to you!



Burkejon16:28, May 11, 2012

You're welcome Jonathan, great talking to you as well and I will probably take you up on the offer to create a video at some point.

Re the typo/mis-spelling: yes, just "Edit with form" and correct it.

BTW, I noticed your page has been viewed 70 times,(some are your own and my visits) and that's pretty good traffic and confirms what we were talking about re the rise in interest in auditing vs. the chaos.

Dl8800816:37, May 11, 2012

Dave, Can you change my name to the AO's name please? Muchos gracias mi amigo!

Burkejon06:30, December 4, 2012

Name change done. Let me know if you need anything else. David

Dl8800821:32, December 4, 2012