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Example of Certification from Sequoia University)

ABSTRACT: The various conflicting claims about Sequoia University, from which L. Ron Hubbard received an honorary PhD, result from incomplete and faulty research by critics of Hubbard and Scientology. Although unaccredited, Sequoia University was not a degree mill. Sequoia neither operated from a post office box, nor solely from one man’s home. There were several departments, locations, ceremonies and courses with real coursework required to obtain various degrees, which even a California state inquiry confirmed upon its investigation into the school. Several successful and prominent graduates received degrees from Sequoia for their work, while others received honorary degrees. Hubbard neither founded nor acquired Sequoia University, nor did he buy or self-award his honorary PhD. In fact, Hubbard was reticent to become involved with Sequoia University and never reclaimed the honorary PhD once he formally renounced it. Sequoia University appeared well-intentioned from all accounts, and although unaccredited there was more to its background than previously realized.[1]


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Ian C. Camacho
Independent Scholar

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