Ray and Pam Kemp History of Scientology

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Ray and Pam Kemp History of Scientology
Name Ray and Pam Kemp
Period 50's, St. Hill
Location Washington DC, St. Hill

Ray and Pam Kemp give a talk about the history of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, and the opportunities for Field Scientologists at a 1980's era "Council for Spiritual Integrity" meeting.

Ray Kemp

video[edit | edit source]

"This was one of our Council For Spiritual Integrity LECTURE SERIES events, which featured a number of well-known people from "Scn. history"!...we had a well-attended lecture series at the time and unfortunately I have not been able to locate the videos of the other lectures but they were equally interesting as the Kemps. our videographer was a gentleman named Terry Hayes if anyone knows how to locate him hopefully he has the other videos and I can get in touch with him?"
Ian Robert Waxler, Class VIII