No Longer a Puppet After NED

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Success Story
Auditor Chris Black
Auditing Success NED
Website Black
A pc of mine wrote up this win after some NED auditing. NED, going Clear - what it is all about. Let the game begin!

Little Puppet No More

Before Scientology, I was completely effect in life, to put it mildly, and a vacuum for trouble; I was a lost traveler. I was aware but still felt lost.

Life HAPPENED to me and none of it was particularly positive. In simple terms: I was a little puppet.

Later on as I went up The Bridge and did my Grades and FPRD and now NED, well the picture changed and now looks different.

I’m not the puppet, I’m the HAND.

Different viewpoint!

Different awareness!

I still don’t know everything, nor do I want to, I want a game. :D

I don’t know how all the moving parts of my life are working out (like the puppet), but that’s ok I don’t want to know everything. Let it ride.

If you look at the picture above, the puppet looks kind of twisted and crooked (how I felt), out of control; this is my PAST.

Fast forward to PRESENT: I am the hand. In control, calm, steady and aware that I am playing a game and you win some and lose some.

So my real simple win is this: I have turned my life and time track around and propelled it in a brand new, positive and fun direction. It only took years, not lifetimes.

It’s exciting, the gains are real, the wins are real and the State of Clear well… it’s right there in front of me, waiting. I can taste it.

Puppet no more.

I definitely recommend that everyone move on their next step ASAP.

So very exciting.