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Success Story
Auditor Randy Smith
Name Randy Smith
Auditing Success Auditing - Special Rundown

Recently my wife Kay and I had the great pleasure to be re-united with some old friends, after discovering that we had each left the Church, but still felt the technology of Scientology was valid.

One of the first things they told me was - my auditing of the two of them over 15 years ago, plus the Comm Course, had helped save their marriage. Here is their Success Story:

Dear Randy,

Feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested.

I really love my wife and am a strong believer in the institution of marriage. We've been married 35 years and have 3 grown children who are happy and thriving.

Nonetheless about 15 years ago our marriage was in real trouble. I'm sure without the Scientology Marriage Counseling we wouldn't have made it. Tensions, frustrations, unresolved problems had built to the point where it seemed like perhaps it might be best to just end it.

We really just needed some help. But not the kind of lecturing, brow beating that I see on some of the tv shows, where one or the other partner kind of gets beat up. Real help doesn't make either person wrong, but enables each to take a little more responsibility, and begins to restore communication between them, and a sense of mutual shared purpose, and trust, and yes even love.

It starts with the special kind of auditing that can require a bit of courage but also brings such relief as each partner is unburdened of his overts (wrong and harmful things he has done) and things he has withheld (not shared or held back or kept secret).

I think the most important part is just to have a good, calm, confident counselor who you can rely on to get you through. Randy Smith was our counselor/auditor. He is truly one of the best. I will be ever grateful for the excellent auditing he provided.

And of course it's thanks to L. Ron Hubbard that there is this marvelous auditing technology that works so well when applied standardly.

The next part is some basic hatting on what actually IS a marriage, how do you make this thing work, and what are the duties and responsibilities of a marriage partner. Usually one or both has fallen down to some extent in knowing what to do and actually doing it, ie the things one needs to do to actually BE a good husband or a good wife.

Finally comes the Communication Course where you practice and drill the basic skills of communication to the point of actual improvement. The "Comm Course" is life changing when done diligently and conscientiously. A common complaint of wives is that husbands fail to acknowledge or could certainly use some improvement in this area. That was very true for me, even after 20 years of marriage.

I experienced so much improvement in my ability to acknowledge and in my communication handling generally, it was like night and day. This alone was a huge help in salvaging our marriage.

Still there remained a lot to do in hammering out our "terms of endearment." (You can rent the movie, starring Shirley MacLaine.)

But life is an adventure. And with the help of this truly excellent counseling and hatting we were able to get back in the driver's seat with our marriage, getting it back on track, even restoring the love we started out with.

For the sake of family, it's definitely worth the effort.

If you are thinking of doing this marriage counseling, I would definitely recommend it.

I wish you the very best in your life and all you do.

- Happy Couple, married 35 years - Randy Smith- Professional Grad V Auditor and CS