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Success Story
Auditor Jonathan Burke - Auditor
Auditing Success Solo NOTS
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Jonathan Burke's OT VII completion success story

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I will do my best to convey not only the feeling physically but the theta side of completing solo NOTS "today" in this success story.

I actually went past the EP last week and was really blown out for days and days and just realized what, when and where it actually happened, lol. So bear with me as things are occurring with/to me as I write.

One doesn't really know themselves until OT VII, at least this is true for me. Hell, I didn't even like myself on my BEST day until mid VII, seriously. I could never really get into being "ME". I never knew why and that made me even more unhappy with myself. Which was a vicious cycle in spades. One thing begat another on a moment by moment basis for me in my universe. I was my own worst enemy, knew it, but didn't know how to fix it.

Then I learned how on OT VI and applied it on Solo NOTS. The game changed.......forever, for the best, in trillions of years.

I frequently frighten myself with postulates on a daily basis. Not just mest universe postulates but equally in theta (awareness) postulates as well. Consistently, time and time again. It quite literally is as if something wasn't there and immediately was from a postulate or awareness I made moments before. It IS truly shocking how able we really are. How able YOU really are at this very moment.

I can "see" others abilities and them, body having yet to arrive, before they are even there almost in a precognitive way. I can see their case too, and respond in kind in such a way as to not disturb it or them but really grant them beingness for who they REALLY are and not let their case bleed over to me in any way. I truly LOVE people for who they are and can see what they can BE. Something that was oftentimes difficult for me before, even as an auditor.

I have gained tremendous compassion for the beings here on this beautiful place currently called Earth and for their current plight and how they have so entirely fooled themselves into the game of their own unaware creation. I can and will turn the tide on this for every last soul who wants to help themselves, and know now what positive things I am truly capable of with just the slightest thought and postulate. It's inexplicably easy.

Life has new meaning and so does love and compassion through helping, postulation and enacting in the physical universe all that I am now so very capable of putting into motion for others as well as me, the true me, myself, for ever more.

My thanks so humbly go out to my case supervisor Patricia Krenik and Sup Ray Krenik, you're the real deal, both of you. I mean that.

David Mayo and L. Ron. Hubbard for making this an amazing unbelievable and far sweeping positive level. I cannot imagine what it took, but I will help in the same direction as much as possible. Thank you both of you more than I can EVER articulate into something as flimsy as words.

Thank you to my Father for getting me back in to Scientology this life, helping me use the fundamentals, being there through it all, and pointing the right direction, always. I love you Dad!

And lastly but not least in any way, my wife Carrie Todd who truly supported me all the way, through thick and a lot of thin. I love you very, very much!

No matter what, no matter what it takes, you not only owe these gains to your true self but tons of other people who need it too. Get here twice as soon as possible, there truly is no time to waste what-so-ever. You have to make it. No kidding.


Jonathan Burke