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Success Story
Auditor FreeZone Academy of Elma WA
Name Joe Warren
Training Success Other
Blooms in Elma

November 17, 2012

Auditor Training Success at FZ Elma

I had a great auditor training success this week. It is a culmination of many months of training and importantly listening to the BC lectures. As I have gotten about 350 of the lectures done now I have come to grasp a lot of knowledge of the bank and what it is composed of.

I see now how thousands of engrams can accumulate onto one item, and how thousands of these can accumulate on a GPM. It makes understanding the behavior of people (homo sapiens) much clearer now. The data on GPMs has been very rewarding.

This all helps the clarity of the formation of the bank, but the BIG win is actually how Auditor training and knowledge of the bank is necessary to being an OT and staying that way.

ML, Joe Warren

p.s. I don’t know if I could have such a full understanding of these things if I didn’t have Pat Krenik here to communicate these ideas to. Her understanding and experience with the tech is extremely valuable to gain from as I move up the Levels.

FreeZone Academy of Elma WA