History of KTL, LOC and Superpower

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History of KTL, LOC and Superpower
Name Sinar Parman, Dan Koon
Period California
Location WHQ
Year 1978
Sinar Parman and Dan Koon give some insight into the development of KTL, LOC and Super Power.

R Comps[edit | edit source]

LRH had a unit called R Comps (for LRH Compilations) to put courses and rundowns together, based on his research and notes and advices on these courses, which were then approved. Dan Koon worked in this unit for a number of years.


In 1978, a bunch of auditors were brought to La Quinta to train them on delivering the Superpower rundown, which he was putting together and ran into a barrier training them. This resulted in his doing an eval called "WOOC" - World out of Comm, in which the handling was KTL and LOC, aside from the hard TRs and pro metering courses which also were actions done later. He wanted to shoot Tech films and did so at the time in order to provide Audio Visual aids in auditor training. From the 50's society's influence of street and medical drugs, deteriorating schools and literacy were a barrier to auditor training and getting all up the grade chart. Those auditors were sent to LA and formed up the beginning of the NWC, New World Corps, who were to be trained to deliver Superpower.

Hemet[edit | edit source]

In '79, LRH moved from La Quinta and lived in Hemet, some 6-8 miles away from the Int Base in Gilman Hot Springs. He did work on KTL, LOC and superpower there and also came up with the Purification Rundown that year to handle the effects of drugs and the environment. One of the beginning steps of KTL which was Clay Table processing to handle PTSness.

superpower[edit | edit source]

The superpower rundown was also researched and along with KTL/LOC was turned over to be compiled from his research and worked on. KTL wasn't released until the 90s. There are a couple of large books, with a lot of pictures which is part of the course. LOC was released at the same time and it mostly consisted of a lot of Tech as covered in the EstO series, conditions by dynamics etc.

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