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Success Story
Auditor Observation Mountain Academy
Name GZ
Auditing Success OT 2
Website http://scientolipedia.org/info/Observation Mountain Academy
Email inquiries@observationmountainacademy.com

On November 30, 2014 I attested to OTII.

What a great experience and interesting level. As one runs the process and follows the procedure closely it begins to make sense what you are looking for. I settled into the routine and auditing every day I was blowing charge on a daily basis. Accompanying the routine disappearing charge there were a surprising number of unexpected cognitions.

It was the cognitions that turned out to be the most exciting part for me. I was getting answers to things I had thought about all through this lifetime. This unknown longtime attention that was being held in place was gone and my perceptions of present time bought technicolor front and center and I was more clearly picking up flows from the third dynamic.

Continuing the process I had hit a couple of points that were quit significant, but I wasn’t aware of this until a review session where I was asked to spot some points I wanted to talk about. The most interesting thing is the subtleness of how it happened. Again, the tech and the gradient take all the guess work out of moving up the Bridge so you don’t need to think about what’s next or how you are doing. What could be easier…. The heavy lifting has been done for us.

With the assistance and expertness of Doug the auditor and the support of the team at Observation Mountain Academy moving up the bridge is a smooth quick ride.

There is so much to say about this process that doing it yourself is the best way for you to experience that it would take pages of print to convey. So start your adventure.

Deepest thanks to Ron for the tech and all those in the Freezone who have and are working to deliver and keep it free for all. Literally put “It is out of this world”.

Very best Regards,