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Success Story
Auditor Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d’Alene
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When I think about what I’ve been through the last 5 or 6 years with my daughter, I can’t believe she’s been drug-free for over 90 days. She had 30 days before going to Life Enhancement Center. Since she’s been home from the LEC, life has been so much more “normal.”

It’s difficult to express how awesome it is to have my daughter back. Things are not perfect, but they are not clouded by angry words, deceit, lies, stealing, loss, daily heartache and turmoil. I can go to work now and not worry about what’s going to happen while I’m there. We have a more peaceful home. I can trust her now and we like spending time together. I can count on her to do what she says. It had been so long I had forgotten what it was like to be around her true personality, which I always knew over the last few years, was in there.

She was always a good mom taking care of her three year old son’s physical needs. But then she would be gone, coming in and out of his life and it would break my heart. Now she is completely engaged in every aspect of his life and he knows “my mom is HOME.” It is beautiful to witness the change in her and how it affects her relationship with him. He is her #1 priority now and she loves being home with him, reading, playing, and focusing on his needs. They have a wonderful relationship. He is very blessed to have her for a mom.

The second biggest miracle, besides her being a better mom, is that she is now sleeping. I can’t begin to describe the difference this has made after years of her not being able to sleep. She attributes this to the sauna program. It really changed her physically & mentally–dumping all that old “stuff” from her system and clearing her mind. It makes such a huge difference that she can now get up in the morning ready to face the day, functioning normally, because she is able to sleep at night. What a difference in our home life this has been! I can’t emphasize this enough!

Her communication is much more positive and she is more confident in sharing her faith in Jesus Christ. She looks to Him for her inner strength now.

She is currently looking for a job & planning on taking a couple more classes in her field of exercise science and to further her career. She is extremely motivated. I am very proud to see her working diligently on building a successful future for her and her son.

I am very grateful to Les and Anita’s program and I am so very, very proud of my daughter!! I know that these changes are permanent and I thank God every day for her miracle. I praise Him for what he has done and is going to do in her life. SC

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