Dave S Grade 0 Success

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Success Story
Auditor Observation Mountain Academy
Name Dave S
Auditing Success Grade 0

Success on Grade 0 Completion:

I attested to Grade 0 two nights ago.

My main success on this Grade is something I posted about over a week ago, and that is that I'm more in comm with myself than ever in this life. I'm right here, with myself, and I trust myself. It's been one of my this lifetime goals.

I look at something, and I say I like it or I don't like it or whatever, and that's that. I'm no longer wondering how I feel about one thing or another. My mind is certainly changeable, I'm not solid in my opinions at all, but my opinions are certain and need no second-guessing.

This win happened just over a week ago, and it's been settling out into a very comfortable new state for me.

I can't wait to get into Grade 1!

Thanks again to my auditor, Doug Davidson, and to LRH.