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Success Story
Auditor Chris Black
Name SJ
Auditing Success Grade 1
Website Black, Class VIII C/S %28HSST%29

Success Story (After repair program and Grade 1 auditing) ——————————————

Approximately in 1999 I received my last auditing in Toronto org. I had had marvelous wins on an INT rundown Repair and Grade zero.

I was then forced to illegally start my Grade 1 even though I only had 4 hours on account and no means to pay for more auditing. This is what we call an ARC break – believe me – and since that year I have been left floating around mid Grade 1. I left SCN in 2002 and never set foot in an org again and even if I was a millionaire would not have returned to the orgs for auditing.

I stumbled on Marty Rathbun’s site and started to see he made a lot of sense and that auditing was again available in the field. With Chris being a Class IX auditor, I felt I had someone who could be standard and fix me up and get me going again.

Let me sum up some of my wins in the 25 hours auditing over the last 2 weeks (Sept 2012):

  • Rehabbed wins on my Grade 0 and Objectives to the point where I am fully in

Present Time and in high ARC with my environment and thetans;

  • I can move in and out of body almost at will comfortable – no longer any


  • I repaired my left eye in session; it had been drooping for years and I

could feel myself working on it and giving it oxygen and the whole eye reshifting – they are now both symetric. A miracle but I could feel myself MAKING the miracle happen;

  • I fix problems — I went to rent a car last week and they told me it was

sold out – I said “No it’s not, look again”, and the clerk said “You’re right, there is one, how did you know? It’s a miracle!”;

  • Increased perception – again this is my Objectives working again but also

if you look beside Grade 1 on the Bridge chart it states Perception as an awareness level and I can attest to that. I can ‘see’ but without the body’s eyes. I know;

  • I am in high production mode and getting things done;
  • I can give or receive Help at will – and enjoy it. Things flow, instead of

being in the effort band;

  • Somatics have blown;
  • I feel stable and confident and in control of my body and my environment
  • My randomity level is perfect – not too much not too little;
  • I feel de-PTSed completely, at Cause and decisive, but again without effort;
  • renewed ARC and love for my family, friends and strangers.

Thank you Chris, I look forward to finishing the Grade soon.

For now, this breather has been awesome. LOL

Chris Black, Class VIII C/S (HSST)