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Ability One Group
Primary Contact Ability One Group
Training Offered Academy Levels, Basic Courses, Metering, NED, Pro Trs, Solo Course, Student Hat
Auditing Offered Grades, Intro Auditing, Life Repair, NED
Case Supervision Class VIII
Country DK
City Copenhagen
Geo 55° 41' 59.42" N, 12° 29' 14.41" E
Website http://ability1group.eu
Email info@ability1group.eu

NOTE: This article discusses an offshoot. Offshoots are considered something OTHER than Scientology, as they were not developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and they have never been practiced in any Scientology Church.

"The aim of the Ability One Group is to produce practical results for our clients in the realms of life and spirituality. The emphasis is on developing ability, insight and awareness that directly can be translated into better, more productive and harmonic lives for our clients."

ABILITY ONE GROUP accomplishes practical spiritual gains by using technology developed by Ron Hubbard and also further developments of this technology. We believe that a subject, to stay alive and thriving, needs to be reexamined and developed. We offer standard tech as well as new special processes suited to handle upper level cases. We also offer special tech to handle resistive case points on persons of any level.

REGULAR AUDITING: We do regular Scientology Life Repair and Grades through grade 4 and Power Processing. We deliver repair of any past auditing or general cleanup of ongoing life situations and problems, be it at work, in relationships, study, etc.

SPECIAL TALENTS DEVELOPMENT: We also address the release of special talents, be it artistic, dealing with groups, sales, dealing with money, etc., etc. If you are in a special field and feel that your talents need to be brought out, ask for this type of service.

CASE CRACKING: Case cracking means to overcome resistive problems, conditions or ruin points in a person's case. We are talking about conditions that even extensive processing hasn't handled. The Ability One Group has a special unit dedicated to case cracking. It is suoervised by Class 8 Auditor Rolf Dane, the author of the Clearbird materials. We address your special ruin point with an array of old and new processes. If you have an old ruin point that even extensive processing didn't handle, Ability One case cracking is for you.

DEEP PROCESSING: As a specialty (and part of case cracking as well,) we offer what is called DEEP processing. This was researched and developed by Rolf Dane, assisted by Heidrun Beer. It is a development based on some important but overlooked discoveries and technologies of 1951-52 and 1960-64. The original technical discoveries can be found in Ron Hubbard's lectures but are not otherwise published. We are restoring some "lost technology". We can address incidents to complete resolution as well as fully resolve identities the person has been or has fought. This would include people the person is or has been in major conflicts with, including dominating persons, very irritating persons and suppressive persons on the case. We can also address identities or hats the person has become stuck in or partly stuck in in certain situations. The totality of this processing opens the road to OT as we are handling what is called the GPM case.

PERSONAL ETHICS: We can also help you sort out ethics matters, be it conditions, working out an admin scale, making an action program, etc. This can be done along with other processing.

DELIVERY: We deliver processing in person in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have also for the last 4 years delivered most of our services by phone (usually via computer and the free Skype service.) Ability One is thus a delivery group with global reach.

Rolf Dane, Class 8, Author of the Clearbird materials

Heidrun Beer, Class 5, DEEP Specialist