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Success Story
Auditor Randy Smith
Name Randy Smith
Training Success Class 0

This just in from a long-time Scientologist who decided to do some Academy Level training, in the Independent Field – not only to enhance her solo auditing skills, but also in order to help others with the tech: Randy Smith

“Yesterday, after being supervised by Randy on my Level 0, I was able to help my friend (who is a 12 year Scientologist) handle her father.

Because she has had no training she did not understand why her father had reacted in an unwanted emotion towards her. I was able to explain that his unusual reaction came from his bank and how she could handle him with Good Roads, Fair Weather instead of digging further into his bank. I was able to explain WHY Good Roads, Fair Weather was the way to go, and give her examples of how she could put in ARC to bring about a better relationship.

She did as I suggested and within a couple of days, things were FINE between herself and her father! Because of my training in LRH tech with Randy I have much more awareness of what the bank really is and the development of the Tech.

Randy has a wealth of knowledge and such a great way of coaching you on Ron’s tech, so that for the first time in my life I am interested in why people react in strange ways instead of going the effect of it, myself I am finally becoming Cause and I didn’t have to do the Student Hat again, twice!! Ha Ha!! Thank you Randy for being so amazing!

PS: My friend is still “in the Church” – but she still calls me for advice like this!!” - Anon