Trey Lotz - Shirley's L-12 Win

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Success Story
Auditor Trey Lotz
Name Shirley
Auditing Success L 12
Website Lotz

Shirley is a good friend that I have known for over 40 years.

She is a highly experienced and competent C/S and auditor who had been inactive in tech for a decade.

Last year I audited her on L11.

Shirley was so inspired by her own wins, that she decided to start auditing again, and soon got her first pc.

When I was back East recently visiting family, I did her L12. She wrote a great success story, then a month later, wrote a follow up about her life wins since finishing: Trey Lotz

L12 is the most amazing rundown[edit | edit source]

Not only do I have the ability to be or not be on all dynamics, but I can be just me, a static.

I have rediscovered the joy of creating. I can look at all universes-as a static or as a participant in games-not games conditions.

As an artist, I have unblocked my flows. As an auditor I am helping my pcs Win Win Win, as never before.

My unending love and admiration for Trey, the finest of beings, a friend and auditor extraordinaire, and a most amazing OT!

THANK YOU LRH for this marvelous tech!



LIfe since L12-My joy is infinite![edit | edit source]

A friend of mine told me she could feel the auditing that I received, and that the auditing I'm doing on my pcs has helped her resolve conditions in her life too.

I have 2 pcs now and they are having big wins!

I just get up every day and feel so happy and serene.

Games are fun, snags are easily solved.

Thank you LRH and Trey for giving me this marvelous tech.