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Success Story
Auditor Trey Lotz
Name Robin
Auditing Success OT 7
Website Lotz

About This Level[edit | edit source]

Original OT 7 was run in the church from 1971 until about 1982. People on OT 3 would do it mid level, and then do OT 3x. The purpose of the level was to rehabilitate intention. It is a very effective level. It upped people's horsepower so that they could get through the OT levels more easily. It was dropped off the Bridge around 1982.

TreyLotz s.jpg

I think doing this level would greatly help anyone to get through the OT 3-NOTS band.

When Robin asked me to run this on him, I was very excited. I had run it on people when I was on the Class 8 Course in 1971, and it is a real kick to audit. People back then were having fantastic wins on it. It is mostly audited with some of it done solo.

Last week was a great week.

We had an L11 completion, a Grade 3 completion, 41+ hours in the chair for me. Then it was topped off by Robin's success story:

Everybody should do this level!

Trey Lotz

win[edit | edit source]

It is definitely an OT level.

It rehabilitates a thetans intention and puts him at cause.

I am serene, I am exterior, and I am operating senior to my case.

Thanks to Ron for developing this, and thanks to Trey for delivering it.

The results are phenomenal.