Trey Lotz - Kate's L-10 Win

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Success Story
Auditor Trey Lotz
Name Kate
Auditing Success L 10

I am TOTALLY in present time, like never before.

NOTHING can shake this.... NOTHING!

I have spent the week getting used to myself and myself in relation to everything else in this universe.

I have had to get used to everyone all over again I deal with on a daily basis as well as my new self. One thing that puzzled me was WHY do I have to do this? What changed? I cogged that within the last couple of weeks I have grown used to being exterior and being myself and because of this I am looking at others as themselves not their valences. I can KNOW someone instantly because of this. Obviously a person needs to know the tech of tone levels to know the correct manner within which to deal with others but it is a great joy to communicate with others as themselves and not talk to a valence. I fall in love with everyone I meet.

My ability to reach has increased tremendously. I can see clearly that PTSness has caused my reach to be blunted. The PTSness has come off of me in layers. The abilities I've lost due to the PTSness have returned. I am taking chances now that I never would have done in the past and having tremendous wins because of it.

Because of this increased reach my intelligence has increased. I am more willing to see what is there not what I think is there. My ability to solve the little problems in life has increased beyond what I ever believed possible.

I acknowledge the opinions and concerns of others but just do whatever the hell I want to do anyway. (giggle) This his such a relief. I had to really BE myself before looking at what I can "DO". I understand now why the Ls are laid out the way they are. Don't stop at L-12. You will do yourself a great disservice. Really! Through L-10 the beingness I addressed on L-12 has just expanded exponentially. There's just more ME now. I am stably exterior without an identity now. This condition is AWESOME.

Thanks to my wonderful auditor who has helped me every step of the way.

This is just an incredible condition to experience.

Thank You LRH for this Tech!


Trey Lotz is the auditor!