Trey Lotz - Jason's Grade 4 Win

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Success Story
Auditor Trey Lotz
Name Jason
Auditing Success Grade 4

After eons of playing hide and seek in the universe, with the universe, the radiant splendor that is ME is finally returning. I'm back home.

Like the sun obscured by the moon during an eclipse, that is what I have been reducing my space to for lifetimes without number.

But the 'illusion' was that I was ever that small. The game was to hide myself, almost like a cosmic Icarus, afraid that if I rose too high, my wings would melt beneath the weight and searing heat of my own grand beingness. How many ancient myths and legends have I believed as justification for being small.

To be good. To be safe. To be anything other than me.

Well I'm back in all my refulgent (shining brightly) luminosity.

The eclipse has ended and the sun is bright!


Trey Lotz is the auditor!