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Success Story
Auditor Trey Lotz
Name Ann
Auditing Success OT Phenomena

I have two successes to share.

One is the recognition of the state of Clear OT.

This is the state of being Clear as an OT. Words cannot adequately describe the state. It must be experienced to be really understood. It can be explained mechanically but that is rather dry.

I was slow to come to the recognition of the state. I can’t say when this actually occurred, only what I suspect. L-10 pulled the underpinnings for this and soloing NOTs allowed me to see it. Once I suspected this I began word clearing, words I already knew, to gain a new perspective and boy did I. It was obvious something had changed. The definitions of Clear, OT, Clear OT, Track, Case, Bank etc took on new meaning as is so common when we advance upon the Bridge and re-read some LRH. How many times over the course of decades have I re-read KSW and found new meaning, certainly after significant bridge actions. This was the same. I knew there had been some change and reading the HCOB really indicated. It is a wonderful state that has changed the way my soloing runs. Running Solo NOTs is now much simpler, faster and easier.

The second win is based on location being a Lie. We are all familiar with this piece of data but today I see it clearly for what it really means and its implications concerning case, the bank the time track, NOTS case etc. It is all a lie. That statement doesn’t solve it for anyone as it has to be experienced. Never-the –less that statement is the simple truth of it. The cognition occurs when it occurs. We are not where we believe we are, our cases are not what we believe they are either. This does not mean we are not responsible for them as we certainly are, but it does mean much of what we believe to be true is smoke and mirrors designed to fool a being into being less able.

I now have a very subjecting understanding of it.

I am not really here but by consideration.

This is not my case but by consideration.

It is really the misidentified case of others superimposed upon my perceived location here in the mest universe.

Or I suppose put another way, it is my interiorization into a perceived location in the mest universe containing case I perceive to be mine.

And that is more of a package than I ever anticipated.


Trey Lotz is the auditor!