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Sorry it took so long to reply Dave.

But yeah I agree it would make a good article ;)

Archangel19:35, June 26, 2014

I wanted to relate a long article I've read not too long ago by Capt. Bill Robertson written in 1982. He starts talking about the attacks on the org mentioned in this article and he backtracks starting to 1965. He was a captain on the ship with L. Ron Hubbard and a very highly effective executive who wore many very advanced hats as well. There is an article here on Scientolipedia about him if one wants to find out more. However, I am relating this article here because Bill goes over so very many instances where the orgs were planted with government plants, CIA and the like, and it is head spinning and mind-boggling what he and Ron and the others had to endure and fight in those days. It is just unbelievable the stress it surely entailed – it even stresses one out to read it! I found the article on and here is the URL should you want to read it This article really helped me understand Ron's revulsion to the media in those days, since they were inevitably directly connected to the attacks on St. Hill.

I also wanted to point out explaining certain things that, should anyone have been exposed to an EXTREMELY enturbulating video found on YouTube, circa 1968 of Ron on the ship amongst many very young and enthusiastic students when the media comes on and does an interview of him. He responded very poorly and with undeniable disgust in his eyes and says certain things which could be very, very easily taken out of context for understanding, such as something like, "yes, the students are very busy – there is no loafing allowed – that's what I'm doing right now!" (with a snide smile on his face.) It makes him look very much like a tyrant cult leader taking advantage of poor young minds. At first the interviewer asked politely, "What IS Scientology?" Ron responds, well that's a good thing you asked because I have a very good definition for it: the word Scientology literally means "knowing how to know". Then the interviewer responded, "But I don't know what that means." Ron then closed his eyes tightly and immediately in reaction to the response and said something else which did not explain what it meant at all, but he went on to something else which also made him look very badly. He was undeniably disgusted with the interview and the man's inability to understand what Ron probably felt was a very good answer, being and shining in positions so far above the ordinary, such as lecturing to his students, who understood it. You get the impression that Ron probably felt that the guy was being 1.1 (which didn't come across to the average person. It looked to me like he was being honest about his misunderstanding of it.) But Ron had a huge mistrust and dislike of the media and it looked like Britain was on the attack against his church there, which is probably what fueled his fire even more. At one point he spouted out boastfully "and I started the church with $16 million of my own money!" With a sheepish grin on his face. This just made him look even worse in the interview, like he was making his money by taking advantage of those poor kids and boasting about it as well. Then, at another point Ron said to the interviewer, "You know, we tried to find out what you people want, but we don't know what you want!" In other words, it must of been because he was being attacked for a suspicious looking religious "church" by them.

The interviewer also asked him about his wife and what happened to her and what happened to his first wife. He replied that his second wife died and (about the first one) that there wasn't one! He had a smart-ass grin on his face and it really painted a repulsive picture of him. Then, the narrator related that the records they found proved that he was married three times and divorced the first two. L. Ron Hubbard lied about the divorces because, I'm sure, he knew it would make him look very bad to be a religious leader with that history especially at a time when divorce was really not accepted yet. I really wanted to dead agent the enormous out-PR this video is putting out there by putting this truth here. Anyone who has any inkling of the breakneck speed Ron worked at, working a zillion miles an hour doing all sorts of different hats – one would fully understand what he meant – that he was loafing to give that interview, which he undoubtedly did not think was important enough at all. It is too bad he made the mistake to give it at all, but no one is perfect, not even Ron which he was sure to warn us about.

It is LRH who first started teaching people in the orgs not to pay any attention to the media because they were "the merchants of chaos" or in other words, suppressive persons, and that a person did not have time to waste on such low toned activities, but had to work very, very hard and most all the time to get up the bridge if they wanted to go free. And probably most of us today would agree with that work necessity to a great deal. If anyone has any doubt whatsoever as to how overloaded with work LRH was, I suggest that you download some of the ACCs on this website – I believe it starts with the 2nd American ACC and goes up to the 9th and there are others here and there that are not in chronological order that were all created in the year 1954. To listen to just one one-hour lecture within one of them completely boggles the mind. He speaks at about 3-5 words per second as far as I can count, and they are all different very highly technological ideas. He was running all of his churches around the world from the top down, writing policies and books, doing other hats and giving these lectures in person while flying around the world for each one. I counted them and believe there was one given about every month in the year 1954, completely unfathomable for the ordinary person. Thank God for Scientolipedia and these freely available priceless lectures which are sold by the COS for thousands of dollars! Not only can we use them for never before heard of incredible spiritual gains, but now they can be used to disprove all of the idiocy and out-PR out there! Hooray, hooray, Scientolipedia!!

Scn800803:55, December 17, 2014