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Ok, no one has posted an Admin Scale. It is a great way to drill. Here is one I did, not perfect, I can't conceive of a stat for such a goal, maybe you can. But this might give you an idea, and I'm sure you can improve on it:

Goals: To build a tree house

Purposes: To provide a safe place for children to play

                To provide a place for the cats in the rain

Policy: Safety first

Plans: 1) Download a good blueprint from the Internet that is doable in our yard with our tree

2) Provide food for the workers

Programs Organizing activity 1) List all the lumber, nails, staples, tools, roofing that is needed and get it purchased

2) Find some friends to help build the structure.

3) Chose a time and place

4) Build the tree house

Program 2) Providing food for the workers

1) Name a cook 2) Name a cooks’ helper 3) Coordinate working times with eating times 4) Cook to determine what food and beverage to serve 5) Helper to purchase any needed grocery items

Projects: 1) Carry out each step of the program #1

Projects: 2) carrying out each step of Program #2

Orders: 1) Follow the blueprint when building the tree house. All wood cut to specs. 2) Return all tools after use

Orders: #2)

1) Cook to find out if anyone has allergies or can’t eat or doesn’t like a certain kind of food

Ideal Scene: Smooth coordination of activity resulting in a well-built tree house where children can play and cats can stay dry. Stats: 1) ???

Stats: 2) ???

Valuable final product: One functioning tree house that doesn’t leak.

Thetagal (talk)21:31, August 30, 2015