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Write an Article for Scientolipedia

Scientolipedia is open to anyone to contribute content.

It's a Wiki just like Wikipedia (same software) and we love new contributors.

Besides being easy and fun to do, you don't have to know anything about how the software works to get started.

Create a log in to the site - this prevents spam and takes only a minute.

1. Have a great article already written elsewhere or have a topic you'd like to write about? Go to the Create A Page page, and select the "Articles" Form.

2. Enter the name of your article and hit "Create Page"

3. Copy and paste your article or just start writing in the text area.

4. When done, be sure to SAVE the page.

That's it! You just created an article at Scientolipedia.

Admins will see you have started your article once you SAVE it and come along to help with formatting.

You may want to add pictures or a link to a video or do some linking to references etc. NO WORRIES - we'll help with all of that and you will quickly see how it's done and before you know it, you'll be wiki'ing just like the big kids. :-)

You can always send an email to info@scientolipedia and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions to get you started.

The Scientolipedia Team!

Dl8800821:23, February 19, 2014