Freezone Convention 2012

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Freezone Convention 2012

An important announcement at

We hope to see some new faces. Last year we had 40 Russian faces; this year we hope that 40 Indies will show up and not think that everyone in the freezone is squirrel.

We are all splinter groups. We splintered from the COS. Freezoners are really no different than Indies. We left when it was bad, but the Indies left when it was really, really, bad. We are all here to keep the technology alive, so let's get together and work together.

Most of all the Conventions are for FUN. It is really quite a social gathering. You get to meet people who were only a user name on the Internet. We can always use speakers, too. I'd love to hear someone talk about the "Survival of Scientology". Traditionally, Friday evening is when it starts, but that is just a get together--if you can't make the Friday night start skip it and arrive Sat and Sunday.

Note you save money by sending in your fees early.

Again the link to details is on my website:

Hope to see you there!

See also the Global Calendar Notice of the event.

Thetagal18:55, July 28, 2012