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Minor Modifications suggested.212:48, May 14, 2015

Minor Modifications suggested.

Title should be reduced just to her name so I can put Joan de Veulle in an article I am writing. It is in the category History of Scientology, and perhaps that category should go in the upper right hand box as in some other upper right handboxes.

Antony A Phillips (talk)10:03, May 14, 2015

Hi Ant, the title can be changed but it doesn't have to be in order for you to simplify the link when you reference Joan. (or any other internal link on the site)

If you add a pipe "|", after her page name, inside the double square brackets, it will display the way you want it to.

e.g. write [[Joan de Veulle - England 50s 60s|Joan de Veulle]] and get simply Joan de Veulle

You can do that with any internal link.

Re the category designation - the Category at the bottom of a page is different than the field in the infobox on Article pages. The infobox field was put there as sort of an afterthought as an additional way to help organize the data but the MAIN WAY DATA IS ORGANIZED ON THE SITE IS VIA THE CATEGORIES AS YOU SEE THEM AT THE BOTTOM OF ANY PAGE.

For now we are using both but we always MUST use the main Categories as listed at the bottom of pages and viewable from the "Browse Site" interface.


Dl88008 (talk)11:42, May 14, 2015

Tak. I understand.

Antony A Phillips (talk)12:48, May 14, 2015