Joan de Veulle - England 50s 60s

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Joan de Veulle - England 50s 60s
Deceased Yes
Died on 1988
Nationality British
Org. Affiliation(s) London HASI
Posts HCO Area Secretary (London), Extension Course Instructor, Registrar

Joan was born 1905 in Handsworth, Birmingham UK and died 1988 in Somerset UK[1]

This "stub" written by Antony Phillips. Any who have more data please add or write to me.

I know nothing of Joan's early life.

Coming into Scientology[edit | edit source]

Joan had been reading all the books she could find on psychology, and non of them satisfied what she was looking for. At the end of 1956 she came across Ron's book Fundamentals of Thought, and felt this was it (actually that was the year the book was published). She took a Communication Course, and then the full HPA (professional auditor course) in 1957. At a later date she did the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (at the time it was only available at Saint Hill, England)

Staff Member[edit | edit source]

She was on staff at the London HASI for a long time. I remember she was Extension Course Instructor at one time (that was a correspondence course in major Scn books, like Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health and Science of Survival). She wanted to do the 6th London ACC and asked me to take on the Extension Course job while she was on it, which I did. She was also Registrar at London. Her most prominent job was HCO Area Secretary, London, at a time HCO was a separate body to the HASI London (but in the same building, 37 Fitzroy Street). Here she was in regular touch with Ron Hubbard, traveling down to Saint Hill to confer with him.

Retirement[edit | edit source]

In the 1970's I was in touch with her (by the "modern media" of the time, cassette tapes). And one summer when I went to England on holiday, my father (in a London suburb) lent me his car to travel down to Porlock, Somerset (situated near Exmoor National Park ). She had retired there to live with her sister. They were both keen gardeners and were brought up in Porlock in a house which was shaded from the sun much of sunny days by the Exmoor Hills. They had therefore brought a plot of land not affected that way, had built a small house on it, and were busy gardening. This was before the big exodus from the church, and the stronger suppressiveness of the 80's. We could let our hair down, and she told me quite a bit.

She talked of Reg Sharpe and John Damonte (click their names to go to articles on them). She also told me that she had had auditing in London, which was CSed by Ron. In the period just after Power Processing came out, she told me that once, that when she was together with Ron, he looked at her, and then told her that she did not need to do Power Processing (at that time everybody had to do Power Processing before they could go on to the Clearing Course)). I interviewed her on cassette, and she talked about her early experiences in Scientology, including how the training was done then.

Joan de Veulle Interview[edit | edit source]

Note that the second part of this interview/discussion supplements the page on Teaching by Agreement.


Follow Up[edit | edit source]

Later I wrote to Joan and got a letter from her sister saying she was dead. It is not yet known whose body she is living in now.

Antony Phillips (

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