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Success Story
Auditor Randy Smith
Training Success Solo Course

Latest Win from one of our Solo Auditor Students: Randy Smith

Thanks for the encouragement,

I really get a lot out of our training sessions and I appreciate that you grant me the beingness to fully express my viewpoints. You do not stifle my freedom to think but encourage it. That is the essence of a great teacher and a truly honest being. I believe the “KSW” concept is vital for every group, not just Scientology, in order to keep their particular tech unadulterated. But I also treasure freedom of thought and I abhor a milieu of blind-believer based totalitarianism. No one and no system is perfect, and challenge and questioning, based on rational analysis and open discussion, is what keeps an organization from going stagnant and misapplying their own tech, ethics, and justice systems and in so doing, succumb to the wiles and dictates of some charismatic tyrant-SP. . . a throwback scene mimicking the Dark Ages (and beyond). That, I believe, is precisely what we are trying to free mankind from, once and for all.

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