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PURPOSE: To broadly disseminate the wins and positive aspects of the subject of Scientology using state-of-the-art Internet technology.
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Download[edit | edit source]

To use the Scientolipedia LRH Lectures on your Android phone or tablet, you will need to download the Subsonic Music Streamer. (Click picture below)

Download the Subsonic Music Streamer

Open Settings[edit | edit source]

Open the app and click the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Then click "Settings".

Go to the settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.

Create a new server config[edit | edit source]

Click "Add Server".

Click "Add Server"

Edit the new server config[edit | edit source]

The new server you just created is called "Unnamed". Click on that.

Click "Unnamed".

Configure the server[edit | edit source]

Now we will configure the new server.

Configure your new server.

1. Click "Name". Edit the name of the server to something you'll remember like "Scientolipedia Lectures".
2. Click "Server Address". The address should be changed to:
3. Click "Username". The username should be set to:
4. Click "Password". The password should be set to:
5. Click "Test Connection".
If everything works fine, click back until you get out of the settings.

Select the newly created server[edit | edit source]

Click "Select server" and choose the server name you created.

Select the server you created.

Listen to the lecture you like[edit | edit source]

Click "Library" at the bottom of the screen. You will now see a list of all of the Scientolipedia Lecture Sets. Click the Lecture Set you want to listen to. You will see all of the Lectures in that Set. Click the Lecture you would like to listen to and click "Play now".

Choose the lecture you would like to listen to and click "Play now".

comments[edit | edit source]

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