Silvia Llorens

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Silvia Llorens
Silvia Llorens
Training Level Class IX
Auditing Offered Grades, Intro Auditing, Life Repair, NED
Case Supervision Class VIII
Country US
State CA
Geo 34° 15' 27.09" N, 118° 21' 17.86" W

Silvia Llorens' Scientology auditing and C/S'ing services.

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about[edit | edit source]

Hello! My name is Silvia Llorens. I was born in Mexico City and started in Scientology in 1978.

I joined the Flag Service Org in 1983 and trained as a Class IX auditor. I then delivered advanced levels up until 1987.

In 1987 I took over the post of “NOTS Cramming Officer” in the Qualifications Division of the FSO. I worked cramming Class IX auditors, the fabulous Class XIIs, many other Internship and HGC Auditors plus FSO Execs.

Since that time I have had the utmost admiration and respect for auditors and a complete certainty that auditing always works when done correctly.

Around 2003 I moved into the Advanced Organization FSO as a Class IX auditor and once again was delivering upper levels to the many wonderful people who came for service. The care and service each one deserved was always in my mind…great people indeed crossed my path during this time.

In 2007 I decided to take the path of a Field Auditor, non affiliated to the CofS Inc.

One of my basic principles is that auditing is for the pc and for him to improve and fully regain his self determinism so, in turn, the person can choose the life he wants, the way he wants it.

After all it is your life, it is great life and I, being able in using this workable applied philosophy, can assist you in achieving what you want to do.

Thank you, do well and I hope to hear from you.


training[edit | edit source]

Silvia has a highly impressive training resume including:

  • Class IV Interned
  • Class V Interned
  • Grad V Interned
  • AO Review Auditor Interned
  • NOTS Auditor Interned
  • C/S for the Purification Rundown
  • C/S for Class IV and NOTS plus Solo NOTS
  • Professional W/Cer and Professional Supervisor, both Interned
  • Data Series Evaluator
  • Professional Debug Tech
  • Interned Cramming Officer

success stories[edit | edit source]

"Wow, Silvia is an incredible auditor. I was blown away by my review. I just loved it and was fully exterior after completing the first step. What is amazing to me is how different auditing is without all the stress and force that you get while inside the Church of Scientology. Here I can run what I have charge on and the auditing is done to free me of what troubles me. And when done that way it is fast and easy and fun and feels great! And that’s just how I feel- Great!