Scott Gordon - How to Co-Audit Up the Bridge

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Scott Gordon - How to Co-Audit Up the Bridge
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Thought I would post something to encourage trained supervisors (or people who could become so with little training) to offer their services:

My co-audit twin and I conceived of a concept that fits very well with LRH references on "Study Groups," that I named "Week-end Academy." This is how it works:

1) Indy Scientologists (iScns) in your area dust off their checksheets (or burn them and start anew - there are iScn checksheets out there you can get hold of)

2) They study the theory at home.

3) On the weekend someone opens up their home to local iScns and a trained supervisor gets people through the drills, star-rates, etc. that they couldn't do at home

3a) If no trained supervisor, don't let it be a stop to your Bridge - (train one and meanwhile) read it, drill it, do it, per the 1980 HCOBs CO-AUDIT Series, and then go back and do the checksheet for certification on the level.

4) Student listens to tapes, reads materials, etc. at home during the week or however many intervening days.

5) Someone makes up certs and when you have graduates, hold a little graduation and present the certificate.

The important factor to note is to get back on purpose. These courses aren't just for the certificate, they are for new ability to DO. "Long runways" are frowned on just as much as "quickie" is frowned on.

HOUSTON - DALLAS - we're here to make Auditors ...who's next? Scott Gordon

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  • (summary of his statement) "Thanks for the drilling. I'm so glad you drilled the e-meter and session with me. My sessions went smoothly and my ability to keep admin and spot reads made a big difference and my pc did great."
  • (another) "Having course like this works so well for me. I'm able to improve my TRs and make progress on my checksheet. And it works with my busy schedule. I feel like I'm making real progress again on my training Bridge and it's helping my auditing skill quite a bit.",