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Ron's Org Frankfurt
Primary Contact Ron's Org Frankfurt
Training Offered Academy Levels, Basic Courses, Metering, NED, Pro Trs, Solo Course, Student Hat
Auditing Offered
Case Supervision Class XII
Country Germany
State Hessen
City Karben
Postal Code 61184
Geo 50° 12' 54.01" N, 8° 47' 29.64" E
Phone +49-(0)6039-929557

Academy for Personal Progress[edit | edit source]

People have different needs, because each of us is an individual with very specific abilities and a character that is literally unique. But there is something we all have in common. And that is that each of us wishes for more freedom. We strive for freedom from unwanted things that afflict our lives, so that we can enjoy the pleasant things of life. But where exactly can one find the causes for the difficulties of men, and do they have a common denominator at all?

L.Ron Hubbard tackled these philosophical questions and researched into the matter which took him decades. Eventually, from his results he developed a road to freedom which works for all and at the same time gives consideration to the individuality of everyone.

Since 1987 the team of Ron’s Org Frankfurt has put the original technology of L.Ron Hubbard into practice (read our self-description for learning about how we are different from the Church of Scientology). For nearly 30 years we have been offering this road to more freedom and self-determination, at prices which a normally earning person can afford.

We never had a mandatory membership or lasting commitment as we consider our services as something everyone can benefit from according to their needs and terminate when they want to.

What we offer[edit | edit source]

What can we do for you? Is there something in your life which you would like to change? Are you looking for new perspectives on old experiences? Or are you simply curious?

We offer seminars and many other services, geared to all sorts of situations in life.

We are glad to be of service to you and to answer your questions, and we support you in your purposes.

The following services are intended to analyse the crucial points in the life of a person and to help them making advances with regards to them: This is personal progress!

- Communication Training

- Learning made more easy

- Succes in Life

- Personal Counseling

- Conflict and Stress Management

- Spiritual Development

- Mental Causes of physical difficulties

- Correspondence Courses

- Personality test

We look forward to hearing from you!

And here you will find more details about our offers.

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Success Stories[edit | edit source]

- just a selection, find a full range of success stories on our website -

Communication Course[edit | edit source]

"It was great! The course has helped and given me a lot. I can now better communicate with the world and confront, understanding fundamental principle gives a good feeling of being well-grounded and acting confidently. Thanks again to you, Ulli. You have led us through theory and practical drills skillfully and with patience. It was not boring. I can recommend the comm course to everybody (even if they think they could do well without it and had no trouble with communication). You gain incredibly with its help. Much love, I.L."

Efficiency Course[edit | edit source]

"This course has given me a lot of knowledge about my job and its environment. One thing is that I can handle my work much better and that I have a better overall view. The other thing is that I now can see all the things going wrong. These “going wrongs” I can now take one after the other and correct them, as far as possible from my position. Generally I got a real grip on the subject of “work” which in turn gave me a higher certainty! I am looking forward to the Basic Admin Course! Jan S., 21.02.2009"

Life Repair[edit | edit source]

"2 weeks ago, after 5 days of intensive auditing, I attested the successful completion of Life Repair. On the technical side it was interesting to see how my initial considerations about talking openly on burdensome subjects vanished. More and more I saw auditing as a game – a game in which I and the auditor together “work” the bank. As I had worked with other techniques before it was very interesting to find out that one can really experience relief by observing things very exactly and (repeatedly) voicing them. I want to once more say thank you to Ulli for the really professional auditing and Beate for the likewise professional case supervision. Wins? During the Life Repair I felt often (also in the evenings, post-session) very relieved and joyful. I could communicate more relaxedly and at the same time more concentrated and with joy. Now, nearly 2 weeks later, I can add that I sleep much better than before (I have voiced those things in auditing which before frequently stole away my sleep) and thus am more powerful and concentrated. The biggest surprise however was my own behavior in certain social situations. I do not know when was the last time I was so free and easy and extroverted in my communication. BV"