Rolf Dane

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Rolf Dane
Rolf Dane
Training Level Class VIII
Case Level New OT-7
Auditing Offered Grades, Intro Auditing, Life Repair, NED
Case Supervision GradV
Country DK
City Copenhagen
Geo 55° 42' 55.83" N, 12° 28' 52.78" E

Hello. I have over 25 years of experience as an auditor, both in Class 4 orgs, the Sea Org and as a field auditor. I deliver auditing and other services.

By phone, I can deliver personal enhancement, such as coaching through ethics conditions, conditions by dynamics, repair of past ethics conditions, admin scales, personal life achievement programs, and more. I deliver this service by ordinary phone or Skype.

I can deliver standard grades and Dianetics auditing up to Clear if you come to Copenhagen for services. Here, I can also deliver review auditing of all case levels, including OT levels and Solo Nots.

I have of late studied Dianetics R3X and can now deliver this service by phone. I have also had good success with delivering life repair and general case clean-up by phone. For this purpose I mainly use early 1960s LRH tech - as given in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures. This tech stresses to audit for the preclear and do what gets the job done. The freer form is suited for phone auditing and can produce spectacular results, even on a long distance comm line.

This quote from Briefing Course Lecture of 16 May 1963, The Time Track, gives the mode of operation that works with all clients:

"And one of the things that makes me impatient in teaching people how to run an engram is they always want to know the command with which you run an engram. I don't know! Give me a command for petting a cat, I mean . . . All the rules of auditing have to be obeyed, and so forth, and it gets to look pretty complicated after a while, but it isn't complicated. You're running a Touch Assist on a picture."

Auditing for the preclear does work.

I audit in English (lived for many years in USA), Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. I also speak and read German.

Send me an email with your phone number or Skype ID and we can get a personal talk. It's free of charge and I pay the call regardless of where you live on this Globe.

P.S. Among my hobbies are sailing, time traveling and writing. I am the editor of the Freezone magazine, IVy. I am starting a time travelers club as an extension of an article series run in the IVy Magazine.

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