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Success Story
Auditor Trey Lotz
Auditing Success Auditing - Special Rundown
Website http://scientolipedia.org/info/Trey Lotz
Email trey@relaypoint.net


Rick was in town for a week and wanted to do some auditing. We did Certainty Processing from 8-8008.

You can tailor this Rundown to directly address things that are bothering the pc. It can really unstick a person from self doubt and uncertainty.

Here is his success story:

This is the coolest, easiest, most fun, yet mind changing auditing I have done!

Five years ago I did some clean up with Trey and I found him to be among the best of the best. I had some auditing in the interim, but the last time I was really keyed out was from the auditing I did with Trey.

Recently I found myself in trouble, and I was in L.A., so I called Trey and he recommended that we do this rundown. What I admire about Trey is that he thinks with the tech and can tailor the the auditing to address just what is needed for you.

My viewpoints were shifting and changing all through this rundown.

I haven’t been this keyed out in years.

I am very glad that Trey is my auditor and also my friend.