Randy Smith - Pre-OT success

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Success Story
Auditor Randy Smith
Name Anon for now
Auditing Success Auditing
Website http://randyauditor.wordpress.com
Email randy.investor@gmail.com

I have been auditing this lady for about a week. These are the first sessions for her in nearly a decade, after tons of mis-handlings in the Church of Scientology. She is "under the radar" for now as she has a close relative still on staff. You will be hearing more from her, I am sure - Randy Smith- Professional Grad V Auditor and CS.

Success Story

Auditing done right is such a pleasure. Really, there are no words. My Auditor actually indicates that my needle is floating, and it happens many times a night!!!!

I guess the meter is there. I have no attention on it. This is easy!

I am winning. The Bridge is here in the Indie field. Thank you to my Auditor, who saw the truth, left the "buildings", and got back "in the chair".

I'm going to make it to OT.

Love to LRH!!!

---Anonymous, for now.