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Success Story
Auditing Success OT Phenomena

I just come back from leave in Tasmania. A beautiful island In Ausatralia with a temperate climate and a very stress free environment. A great enjoyable holiday.

A few years ago there was one of these mad crazy gunmen ran amuck in a place called Port Arthur on the island. It is a tourist resort and a historical landmark where, many years ago, convicts from England were shipped many years ago when England used Australia as a prison.

Anyway, not long ago, a crazy person who was on psycho drugs took a machine gun and killed about 35 people there. I mention this because I and my wife visited the resort as part of our holiday.

While we were there, we walked through the spot were the massacre happened. I could still feel the shock even after, what ten years ago it happened? Anyway I looked around and there were still Beings sitting around in a state of shock. I could feel them. The emotion was distressful and they had not recovered from what had happened after they had died.

I began to comm with them one by one and told them it is ok now, it is over and you can leave now. Three picked up on this with great relief and left the area immediately. Another one took a bit longer. I had to take him through the incident about three times before he could end cycle and felt up to going. I told him to go and get another body then find an auditor and get the incident fully run out and then he finally left. All this just took a few seconds but the relief was so great I could feel it myself.

The area felt much freer afterwards and I was real happy to have had the opportunity and the ability to help.

I have read about this sort of thing in the early advance mags. Now I know what it is like. It is great to be OT!

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